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SST 1990


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10--15 M. Saseetharan and K. E. Forward "Parcor" Parameters As Features Applied To An Artificial Neural Network Word Recognizer PDF
16--21 Adam Kowalczyk , Herman Ferra and Gordon Jenkins Experiments With Mask-Perceptrons For Speech Recognition PDF
22--27 Shuping Ran and J.Bruce Millar Exploring The Phonetic Structure Of The Speech Signal Using Multi-Layer Perceptrons PDF
28--33 Danqing Zhang, J.Bruce Millar and Iain Macleod Multi-Speaker Digit Recognition Using Neural Networks PDF
34--39 Luyuan Fang Isolated Words, Multispeaker Speech Recognition With Multilayer Neural Networks PDF


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40--45 A. Perkis and D. Rowe Quantizer Design And Evaluation Procedures For Hybrid Voice Coders PDF
46--51 Philip Secker and Andrew Perkis A Robust Speech Coder Incorporating Joint Source And Channel Coding Techniques PDF
52--57 K. Ratkevicius and A. Rudzonis Some Investigations On The Vocoded Speech Perception And Encoding PDF
58--63 Lei Peng and Andrew Perkis Implementation And Discussion Of The Vselp Coder PDF
64--69 J. Kostogiannis, A. Perkis Evaluation Of Linear Prediction Schemes For Use In Mobile Satellite Communications PDF


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72--77 Malcolm Crawford and Martin Cooke Speech Perception Based On Large-Scale Spectral Integration PDF
78--83 Duncan Markham, Dept. of Linguistics, Faculties, Duration, F-Patterns And Tempo In German Syllables PDF
84--89 J. Pittam and J. Ingram Connected Speech Processes In Vietnamese-Australian PDF
90--95 Mark Donohue Differential Accent Deletion Across Phrase Boundaries In Tokyo Dialect Japanese PDF


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98--103 W.K. Lai, Y.C. Tong, J .B. Millar and G.M. Clark Psychophysical Studies Investigating The Use Of Pulse Rate To Encode Acoustic Speech Information For A Multiple-Electrode Cochlear Implant PDF
104--109 R.S.C. Cowan, P.J. Blamey, J.Z. Sarant, K.L. Galvin, and G.M. Clark Speech Processing Strategies In An Electrotactile Aid For Hearing-Impaired Adults And Children PDF
110--115 John Ingram and William Hardcastle Perceptual, Acoustic And Electropalatographic Evaluation Of Coarticulation Effects In Apraxic Speech PDF
116--121 M.I. Dawson, S. Sridharan Computer Based Speech Training Methods For The Hearing Impaired PDF
122--127 Paul F. McCormack Vowel Production Changes Subsequent To Cochlear Implantation PDF


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130--135 E. Ambikairajah and E. Jones An Active Cochlear Model For Speech Recognition PDF
136--141 M. P. Cooke, M.D. Crawford & G.J. Brown An Integrated Treatment Of Auditory Knowledge In A Model Of Speech Analysis PDF
142--147 G.J. Brown and M.P. Cooke A Computational Model Of Amplitude Modulation Processing In The Higher Auditory System PDF
148--153 A. Samouelian A. Markus and C. D. Summerfield An Auditory Model Asic For Speech Recognition: Functional Design PDF
154--159 A. Samouelian and J. Vonwiller Performance Of A Peripheral Auditory Model On Phonemes In Combination PDF


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162--167 M, Beham and W. Datscheweit An Algorithm For Pitch Determination Of Speech Based On An Auditory Spectral Transformation PDF
168--173 V. Pikturna and A.Rudzionis Pitch Measuring From Spectra Of Noisy Speech: Amplitude Thresholding Versus Identifying Of Harmonics PDF
174--179 Gunnar Hult Pulse-By-Pulse Pitch Analysis Through Zero Phase Low-Pass Filtering PDF
180--185 Michael Wagner, Bob McKay, Santha Sampath, David Slater Modelling The Prosody Of Simple English Sentences Using Hidden Markov Models PDF
186--191 Dieter Huber Speech Style Variations Of F0 In A Cross-Linguistic Perspective PDF


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194--199 S Nulsen, D Landy, M O'Kane, P Kenne and S Atkins Developivient Of Rules For Automatic Recognition Of Nasal Consonants PDF
200--205 N.R. Kew and P.D. Green A Scheme For The Use Of Syllabic Knowledge In Statistical Speech Recognition PDF
206--211 L.A. Smith Selection Of Speech Recognition Features Using A Genetic Algorithm PDF


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214--219 Dale Carnegie, Geoff Holmes, and Lloyd Smith Implementation Of An Auditory Model PDF
218--223 E. Jones and E. Ambikairajah Implementation Of An Active Cochlear Model On A Tms32oc25 PDF
224--229 R.E.E.Robinson A Dsp Hearing Aid Simulator And Screening Test PDF
228--233 John Ingram, Jeffery Pittam & Robb Hay A Speech Annotation And Phonological Analysis Program PDF
234--239 Catherine I. Watson, W K Kennedy, R H T Bates Towards A Computer Based Speech Therapy Aid PDF


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244--249 J.P. Vonwiller, R.W. King, K. Stevens and C.R. Latimer Comprehension Of Prosody In Synthesized Speech PDF
250--255 P. A. Taylor and S. D. Isard Automatic Diphone Segmentation Using Hidden Markov Models PDF
256--261 Walter G. Rolandi English Text-To-Speech As A Function Of Concatenating Digitized Syllables PDF
260--265 G. Abbattista, A. Riccio, S. Terribili Speech Workstation For Italian Text To Speech Development PDF


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268--273 M.P. Moody, R. Prandolini Speaker Recognition Using ILS PDF
272--277 David Bijl and Frank Fallside Using Probabilistically Conditioned Neural Networks To Achieve Speaker Adaptation PDF
280--285 P. D. Templeton and B. J. Guillemin Speaker Identification Based On Vowel Sounds Using Neural Networks PDF
286--293 J. Vogel, R. Wick Analysis Of Pre-Lingual Sound Utterances Of Children In The First Year Of Their Lives Using The Lpc Method Of Formant Extraction PDF


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292--297 A. P. Reilly and B. Boashash Alternative Speech Representations For Kohonen Classifiers PDF
298--303 Brian C. Lovell and Ah Chung Tsoi Speaker Verification Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
304--309 Roberto Togneri Speech Processing Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
310--315 Simon Hawkins and Frantz Clermont Supervised Cepstrum-To-Formant Estimation: A New Piecewise-Linear Model PDF


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318--323 Janet Fletcher and Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson Prosody And Intrasyllabic Timing In French PDF
324--329 Anne Cutler and Sally Butterfield Syllabic Lengthening As A Word Boundary Cue PDF
330--335 D. C. Bradley and B. Dejean de la Batie Resolving Word Boundaries In Spoken French PDF
336--341 Xie Guanghua Syllabic Volume As An Acoustic Correlate Of Metrical Structure And Focus In Mandarin. PDF
342--347 Jonathan Harrington The Acoustic Basis Of The Distinction Between Strong And Weak Vowels PDF


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350--355 Walter Weigel A Demi-Syllable Based Continuous Speech Recognition System With Hmms And Syntax-Controlled Word Search PDF
356--361 Tracy M Clark, W K Kennedy, and R H T Bates. Features For A Computer Word Recognition System PDF
362--367 Tony Robinson and Frank Fallside Word Recognition From The Darpa Resource Management Database With The Cambridge Recurrent Error Propagation Network Speech Recognition System PDF
368--373 Alan M. Smith On The Use Of The Relative Information Transmitted (RIT) Measure For The Assessment Of Performance In The Evaluation Of Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Devices PDF
374--379 C. Rowles, X. Huang, and G. Aumann Natural Language Understanding And Speech Recognition: Exploring The Connections PDF


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382--387 Takako Toda Shanghai Tonal Phonology 'Rightward Spreading'? Some Arguments Based On Acoustic Evidence PDF
388--393 Phil Rose Linguistic Phonetic Aspects Of Shanghai Tonal Acoustics PDF
394--399 Phil Rose Thai-Phake Tones: Acoustic, Aerodynamic And Perceptual Data On A Tai Dialect With Contrastive Creak PDF
400--405 J S Mirza F0 Perturbation Effects Of Prevocalic Stops On Punjabi Tones PDF
406--411 U Thein-Tun The Domain Of Tones In Burmese PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
414--419 A. Marchal, W.J. Hardcastle The Relevance Of Basic Research In Articulatory Phonetics To Speech Technology PDF
420--425 Andrew Butcher "Place Of Articulation" In Australian Languages PDF
426--431 Leisa Condie Non-Linearity In Vowel Waveforms PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
434--439 P Kenne, D Landy, M O'Kane, S Nulsen, A Mitchell and S Atkins The Wal Speech Programming Environment PDF
440--445 J. B. Millar, P.Dermody, J.M.Harrington, J.Vonwiller A National Cluster Of Spoken Language Databases For Australia PDF
446--451 J.E. Clark, C. Whitfield, and P.J. Kennedy Development Considerations For Speech Based Hearing Test Materials For Flight Crew PDF
452--457 A. Marchal, M.H.Casanova, P. Gavarry, M. Avon Dispe: A Divers' Speech Data-Base PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
460--465 R.H. Mannell The Effects Of Phase Information On The Intelligibility Of Channel Vocoded Speech PDF
466--471 J.Bruce Millar and Xue Yang Evaluation Of The Robustness Of Perceptual Linear Prediction Analysis Using Multi-Speaker Australian English Vowel Data PDF
472--477 B.Goldburg, S.Sridharan and E. Dawson A Discrete Cosine Transform Based Speech Encryption System PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
480--485 Roland Seidl The Application Of Speech I/O Technology To Interactive Telecommunication Services PDF
486--491 Mark F. Schulz and Lenard J. Payne Providing Multimedia Facilities In A Workstation Independent Form PDF
492--497 C. D. Summerfield Design And Implementation Of A Multi-Channel Formant Speech Synthesis Asic PDF
498--503 D Rowe, A Perkis, W.G.Cowley, J.A.Asenstorfer Error Masking In A Real Time Voice Codec For Mobile Satellite Communications PDF