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Proceedings of SST 1996

Page numbers refer to nominal page numbers assigned to each paper for purposes of citation.

Session 1 Multimodal: Speech

Pages Authors Title PDF
1--6 R.E.E.ROBINSON Synthesising Facial Movement: Real Time Visual Speech PDF
7--12 Takefumi KITAYAMA, Hiroyuki KAMATA and Yoshihisa ISHIDA Development Of Speech Training System For The Hard Of Hearing Person Based On Voice Synthesis Technique Using Vocal Tract Area Function PDF
13--17 Jordi Robert-Ribes and Bruce Millar A Simple System For Measuring Audiovisual Speech PDF

Session 2 Features Analysis 1

Pages Authors Title PDF
19--24 Peter Barger, Stefan Slomka, Pierre Castellano and Sridha Sridharan Gender Gates For Automatic Speaker Recognition PDF
25--30 Raphael Ahn and W. Harvey Holmes Voiced/Unvoiced/Silence Classification Of Speech Using 2-Stage Neural Networks With Delayed Decision Input PDF
31--36 K.L. Jenkin and M.S. Scordilis Automatic Syllable Stress Classification Methods PDF

Session 3 Linguistics/Phonetics 1

Pages Authors Title PDF
37--42 Yuko KINOSHITA Linguistic Phonetic Differences In The Acoustics Of Plosives In Chinese Dialects PDF
43--48 Robert Bannert & Peter E. Czigler Observations On The Duration Of /S/ In Standard Swedish PDF
49--54 Dawn M. Behne, Peter E. Czigler and Kirk P. Sullivan Acoustic Characteristics Of Perceived Quantity And Quality In Swedish Vowels PDF
55--60 G. Dogil and J. Roux Notes On Unencoded Speech: Clicks And Their Accompaniments In Xhosa PDF
67--66 David Deterding Diphthong Measurements In Singapore English PDF

Session 4 Speech Recognition 1: Adverse Conditions

Pages Authors Title PDF
67--72 Olli Viikki, Kari Laurila, Petri Haavisto A Confidence Measure For Detecting Recognition Errors In Isolated Word Recognition PDF
73--78 S.E. Dixon and D.M.W. Powers The Characterisation, Separation And Transcription Of Complex Acoustic Signals PDF
79--84 Jean-Baptiste PUEL Cellular Phone Speech Recognition : Neural Nets Preprocessing Vs. Robust Hmm Architectures PDF
85--90 B. T. Logan and A. J. Robinson Noise Estimation For Enhancement And Recognition Within An Autoregressive Hidden-Markov-Model Framework PDF
91--96 Jinhai Cai and Zhi-Qiang Liu An Adaptive Approach To Robust Speech Recognition PDF

Session 5 Forensic Linguistics

Pages Authors Title PDF
97--102 Andrew Butcher Getting The Voice Line-Up Right: Analysis Of A Multiple Auditory Confrontation PDF
103--108 F. Schlichting and K.P.H. Sullivan Discrimination Of Imitated Voices PDF
109--114 Phil Rose Speaker Verification Under Realistic Forensic Conditions PDF
115--120 J. Pittam and E.S. Rintel The Acoustics Of Voice And Ethnic Identity PDF
121--126 Phil Rose and Alison Simmons F-Pattern Variability In Disguise And Over The Telephone Comparisons For Forensic Speaker Identification PDF

Session 6 Speech Recognition II

Pages Authors Title PDF
127--132 Parham Mokhtari and Frantz Clermont A Methodology For Investigating Vowel-Speaker Interactions In The Acoustic-Phonetic Domain PDF
133--138 W. J. Tey, N. P. Jong, and R. Togneri Investigation Of Speech And Speaker Recognition Based On Trajectory Modeling Of Utterances PDF
139--144 Michael Wagner Combined Speech-Recognition/Speaker-Verification System With Modest Training Requirements PDF

Session 7 Linguistics/Phonetics 2

Pages Authors Title PDF
145--150 Frantz Clermont Multi-Speaker Formant Data On The Australian English Vowels: A Tribute To J.R.L. Bernard'S (1967) Pioneering Research PDF
151--156 Marija Tabain Nasal Consonants In Yanyuwa And Yindjibarndi: An Acoustic Study PDF
157--162 Gerry Docherty & Paul Foulkes A Corpus-Based Account Of Variation In The Realisation Of 'Released‘ /T/ In English PDF
163--168 Helen Fraser An Introduction To Phenomenological Phonology (PP) PDF

Session 8 Coding & Synthesis

Pages Authors Title PDF
169--174 S. C. Chu and J. S. Pan Tabu Search Algorithms To VQ Codevector Index Assignment For Noisy Channels PDF
175--180 Mike Wu & W. H. Holmes A Low Rate Sinusoidal Speech Coder PDF
181--186 H.R. Sadegh Mohammadi and W.H. Holmes Differential Interpolative Prediction Scalar Quantization Of The Line Spectral Frequencies For Low Bit-Rate Spectral Coding Of Speech PDF
187--192 J. S. Pan and S. C. Chu Improved Algorithms For VQ Codeword Search And The Derivation Of Bound For Quadratic Metric Using Principal Component Transform PDF
193--198 H.R. Sadegh Mohammadi and W.H. Holmes Considerations In The Selection Of An Objective Measure To Assess The Quality Of Spectral Coding Methods PDF
199--204 Kerrie Lee, Phillip Dermody, Daniel Woo Evaluation Of A Method For Subjective Assessment Of Speech Quality In Telecommunication Applications PDF
205--210 Peter Veprek Czech Text-To-Speech System For A Reading Machine PDF

Session 9 Speech Disorders I

Pages Authors Title PDF
211--216 Lyn Goldberg Ph.D. American The Effects Of The Attenuation Of Second And Third Formant Frequencies On The Recognition Of Stop Consonant Vowel Syllables In Aphasic And Nonaphasic Subjects PDF
217--222 P.F. McCormack & B. Dodd A Feature Analysis Of Speech Errors In Subgroups Of Speech Disordered Children PDF
223--228 Lynda Penny, Simon Mitchell, Natasha Saunders, Jenny Hunwick, Helen Mitchard & Mary Vrlic Some Aspects Of Speech And Voice In Healthy Ageing People PDF
227--232 Sameer Singh, Romola Bucks, Jody M. Cuerden Speech In Alzheimer'S Disease PDF
233--238 Sameer Singh and Tom Gedeon Hypertext Tools In Speech And Language Therapy PDF

Session 10 Speaker Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
239--244 A. Satriawan and J.B. Millar Broad Phonetic Class Based Speaker Modelling PDF
245--249 S. Hussain, F. R. McInnes and M. A. Jack Comparison Of Neural Network Techniques For Speaker Verification PDF
251--256 A. Samouellan Automatic Language Identification Using Inductive Inference PDF
257--262 Karsten Kumpf Lda Based Modelling Of Foreign Accents In Continuous Speech PDF
263--268 D. R. Dersch The Acoustic Fingerprint: A Method For Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification And Accent Identification PDF

Session 11 Speech Disorders II: Cochlear Implant And Hearing Improvement

Pages Authors Title PDF
269--274 J.Z. Sarant, P.J. Blamey and G.M. Clark The Effect Of Language Knowledge On Speech Perception In Children With Impaired Hearing PDF
275--280 Cécile Pereira Angry, Happy, Sad Or Plain Neutral? The Identification Of Vocal Affect By Hearing-Aid Users PDF
281--286 P.J. Blamey, E.S. Parisi & G.J. Dooley Perception Of Two-Formant Vowels By Normal Listeners And People Using A Hearing Aid And A Cochlear Implant In Opposite Ears. PDF
287--292 Bernice McGuire Speech, Phonological Awareness And Reading Skills In Children With Impaired Hearing PDF

Session 12 Speech Recognition III

Pages Authors Title PDF
295--301 A. Samouelian Connected Digit Recognition Using Inductive Inference PDF
301--306 A. Jusek, G. A. Fink, F Kummert, and G. Sagerer Automatically Generated Models For Unknown Words PDF
307--312 D. R. Dersch Neural Network Approaches To Speech Recognition: A General Radial Basis Function Network For Speaker-Independent Phone Classification PDF
313--318 David B. Grayden and Michael S. Scordilis Using The Vowel Triangle In Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
319--324 Michael Barlow, Stephanie Dal, Tatsuo Matsuoka and Sadaoki Furui An Automatically Acquired Cfg For Speech Understanding And Hypotheses Reordering PDF

Session 13 Speech Development

Pages Authors Title PDF
325--330 Christine Kitamura & Denis Burnham Pitch & Communicative Intent In Infant-Directed Speech: Longitudinal Data PDF
331--336 S. McLeod, J. van Doorn, and V. Reed Homonyms And Cluster Reduction In The Normal Development Of Children'S Speech PDF
337--342 P.F. McCormack & T. Knighton Gender Differences In The Speech Patterns Of Two And A Half Year Old Children. PDF
343--348 Christine Kitamura & Denis Burnham Infant Preferences For Infant-Directed Speech: Is Vocal Affect More Salient Than Pitch? PDF

Session 14 Databases

Pages Authors Title PDF
351--356 Peter Roach, Simon Arnfield and Elizabeth Hallum Babel: A Multi-Language Database PDF
355--360 Christoph Draxler The German Speechdat Telephone Speech Corpus Overview And Experiences PDF
361--366 Steve Cassidy and Jonathan Harrington Emu: An Enhanced Hierarchical Speech Data Management System PDF

Session 15 Posters

Pages Authors Title PDF
367--372 C. Blight, A. Butcher, & P. McCormack Nasal Airflow Measures Pre- And Post- Tonsillectomy PDF
407--412 Young-Mok Ahn, Hoi-Rin Kim Development Of A Very Fast Preprocessor PDF

Session 15 Posters

Pages Authors Title PDF
367--371 C. Blight, A. Butcher, & P. McCormack Nasal Airflow Measures Pre- And Post- Tonsillectomy PDF
373--378 Kimiko Tsukada Acoustic Analysis Of Japanese-Accented Vowels In English PDF
379--384 Lydia K. H. So and Jing Wang Acoustic Distinction Between Cantonese Long And Short Vowels PDF
385--390 V. Mildner and Z. Rukavina Hemispheric Specialization For Phonological Processing PDF
391--396 P.F. McCormack & B. Dodd Phonetic Variability In Speech Disordered Children: A Comparison Of Real And Nonsense Words PDF
397--402 Lydia K. H. So and K.W. Chan Electropalatographic Pattern Of Cantonese Speech PDF
403--406 David Hawthorn and Chris White A Talking Word Procesesor PDF
407--412 Young-Mok Ahn, Hoi-Rin Kim Development Of A Very Fast Preprocessor PDF
415--420 K.P.H. Sullivan and Y.N. Karst The Perceived Naturalness Of The Word-Final Dental Stop In The English Of Native Speakers Of Swedish PDF
421--426 Hartmut R. Pfitzinger Two Approaches To Speech Rate Estimation PDF
427--432 B. Byrne, A. Butcher, & P. McCormack The Speech Rhythm Of Vietnamese Speakers Of English PDF

Session 16 Poster

Pages Authors Title PDF
433--438 Alain Marchal & Yohann Meynadier Coarticulation In /Kl/ Sequences In French : A Multisensor Investigation Of The Timing Of Lingual Gestures PDF
439--444 Lydia K.H. So, D.K.K. Au and B.M. Chen Development Of Cantonese Speech And Tone Viewer PDF
445--450 Xiaonong Sean Zhu Intrinsic Vowel Duration In Shanghai Open Syllables PDF
451--456 Lynda Penny The Effect Of Vocal Disguise On Some Vowel Formant Frequencies PDF
455--460 B. Watson On-Line Speaker Adaptation For Hmm Based Speech Recognisers PDF
461--466 Ho-Young Lee The Prosodic Typology Of Kyungsang Korean PDF
467--472 Katsumasa Shimizu Listening Characteristics Of Japanese Learners Of English PDF
473--478 J Leis , M Phyihian and S Sridharan Automatic Speaker Recognition Using Msvq-Coded Speech PDF
479--484 Jason Chong and Roberto Togneri Speaker Independent Recognition Of Small Vocabulary PDF
485--490 K.S. Ananthakrishnan, Callan Hanley, John Asenstorfer Bill Cowley, Bill Edwards Considerations In The Realisation Of A Text-To-Speech Synthesis System For Pitjantjatjara Language PDF

Session 16 Second Language Linguistics

Pages Authors Title PDF
491--496 John Ingram Perception Of Tensity And Aspiration In Synthesised Korean Stop Consonants PDF
497--502 Duncan Markham Similarity And Newness -Workable Concepts In Describing Phonetic Categorisation? PDF
503--508 Denis Burnham, Sheila Keane Where Does Auditory-Visual Speech Integration Occur? Japanese Speakers' Perception Of The Mcgurk Effect As A Function Of Vowel Environment PDF
509--514 K.P.H. Sullivan and Y.N. Karst Perception Of English Accent By Native British English Speakers And Swedish Learners Of English PDF
515--520 C Tsurutani and J. Ingram Prosodic Template In Word Blending: A Comparison Between Native Japanese And English Learners Of Japanese PDF

Session 17 Signal Processing

Pages Authors Title PDF
521--526 Peter Veprek and Michael S. Scordilis Enhanced Speech Classification And Pitch Detection PDF
527--532 David R.L. Davies and J. Bruce Millar Evaluation Of A Computationally Efficient Method For Generating A Voiced-Source Synchronised Timing Signal PDF
533--538 L.Candille, M. George, A. Soquet and H. Meloni Control Of A Vocal Tract Model Based On Articulatory Measurements And Acoustic Optimization PDF
539--544 D. Cole, M. Moody and S. Sridharan Alternative Methods For Reverberant Speech Enhancement PDF
545--550 Peter Veprek and Michael S. Scordilis The University of Melbourne, Australia A Constrained Dtw-Based Procedure For Speech Segmentation PDF
551--556 Richard Katsch , Phillip Dermody, John Seymour, Loredana Cerrato Objective Identification Of Speech Presented In Noise PDF

Session 18 Speech Physiology

Pages Authors Title PDF
555--560 W Hardcastle, B Vaxelaire, F Gibbon, P Hoole and N Nguyen Tongue Kinematics In /Kl/ Clusters And Singleton /K/: A Combined Ema/Epg Study PDF
561--566 Anders Lofqvist Control Of Oral Closure And Release In Bilabial Stop Consonants PDF
567--572 Peter J. Alfonso Long-Term Spatiotemporal Stability Of Lip-Jaw Synergies For Bilabial Closure PDF
577--582 JANET FLETCHER, MARY E. BECKMAN, and JONATHAN HARRINGTON Accentual-Prominence-Enhancing Strategies In Australian English PDF

Session 19 Prosody I

Pages Authors Title PDF
581--586 Xiaonong Sean Zhu Two Stress Patterns Of Shanghai Compounds PDF
587--592 Denis Burnham, Elizabeth Francis, Di Webster, Sudaporu Luksaneeyanawin, Francisco Lacerda, and Chayada Attapaiboon Facilitation Or Attenuation In The Development Of Speech Mode Processing? Tone Perception Over Linguistic Contexts PDF
593--598 Phil Rose Aerodynamic Involvement In Intrinsic F0 Perturbations - Evidence From Thai-Phake PDF

Session 20 Prosody II

Pages Authors Title PDF
599--604 Anne Cutler and Takashi Otake The Processing Of Word Prosody In Japanese PDF
605--610 Phil Rose The Realisation Of Stopped-Syllable Tones In Hua Sai And Pakphanang PDF
611--616 Janet Fletcher and Jonathan Harrington Timing Of Intonational Events In Australian English PDF

Session 21 Features Analysis II

Pages Authors Title PDF
617--622 Stefan Slomka, Peter Barger, Pierre Castellano and Sridha Sridharan Gender Gates In Degraded Environments PDF
623--628 Marija Tabain and Catherine Watson Classification Of Fricatives PDF
629--634 K. Chong and R. Togneri Extraction Of A Speech Signal In The Presence Of A Musical Note Signal PDF
635--640 Daniel Woo, Phillip Dermody Simulation Of Human Incremental Speech Gating Performance Using Time Frequency Analysis And A Simple Classifier. PDF
640--645 Ira Gerson, Orhan Karaali, Gerald Corrigan, and Noel Massey Neural Network Speech Synthesis PDF
645--650 W.N Farrell and W.G. Cowley Maximum A Posteriori Decoding For Speech Codec Parameters PDF