Tutorial day

SST2024 will include four tutorials and one workshop which will be held on 2 December. Each workshop is 3 hours in duration with a break. 

Abstracts and details about the tutorials and the workshop coming soon. 

Tutorial 1: An introduction to methods for acoustic analysis of voice quality

Joshua Penney, Hannah White (Macquarie University)

Tutorial 2: Prosodic prominence – a cross-linguistic exploration

Sasha Calhoun (Victoria University of Wellington)

Tutorial 3: Cochlear implant sound processing and perception

Brett A. Swanson (Cochlear Ltd)

Tutorial 4: Phonetic documentation: How to develop a comprehensive description of a language’s sound system

Rosey Billington (Australian National University)

Satellite Event / Workshop: Speech science and the law

The SST2024 program also includes a workshop organised by the ASSTA Forensic Speech Science Committee (FSSC) and led by Helen Fraser (Chair).