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Proceedings of SST 2000

Keynote Papers

Pages Authors Title PDF
2--18 Mary E. Beckman & Janet Pierrehumbert Positions, Probabilities, And Levels Of Categorisation PDF
19--30 Sadaoki Furui Steps Toward Flexible Speech Recognition Recent Progress At Tokyo Institute Of Technology PDF

Dialogue Systems

Pages Authors Title PDF
32--37 Shinya Kiriyamai, Keikichi Hirosei, Nobuaki Minematsui Development And Evaluation Of A Spoken Dialogue System For Academic Document Retrieval With A Focus On Reply Generation PDF
38--42 Xian Fang Wang, Li Min Du The Design Of A Chinese Spoken Dialogue System Engine PDF

Language Acquisition

Pages Authors Title PDF
44--49 Peter E Czigler, Jan van Doorn, Kirk P.H. Sullivan An Acoustic Study Of The Development Of Word-Initial /Sp/ Consonant Clusters In The Speech Of A Swedish Child Aged 1:11 - 2:5 Years PDF
50--55 Chong-Woon Kim and John C. L. Ingram Perception Of Korean Back Vowels By Australian English And Japanese Speaking Adult Learners PDF
56--61 Kimiko Tsukada Some Acoustic Characteristics Of Australian English /Ai/ And Japanese /Ai/ In Native And Non-Native Speech Production PDF
62--67 Chiharu Tsurutani and John Ingram Perception Of Mora Timing By English Learners Of Japanese PDF

Language Identification

Pages Authors Title PDF
70--75 Javad Sheikhzadegan, Mahmood Reza Roohani Automatic Spoken Language Identification Based On Ann Using Fundamental Frequency And Relative Changes In Spectrum PDF
74--77 J.P Willmore, R.C. Price and W.J.J Roberts Comparing Gaussian Mixture And Neural Network Modelling Approaches To Automatic Language Identification Of Speech. PDF
78--83 E. Wong, J. Pelecanos, S. Myers and S. Sridharan Language Identification Using Efficient Gaussian Mixture Model Analysis PDF

Multimodal Speech

Pages Authors Title PDF
86--91 Denis Burnham, Valter Ciocca, Cheryl Lauw, Susanna Perception Of Visual Information For Cantonese Tones PDF
92--97 Roland Goeoke, Quynh Nho Tran, J Bruce Millar, Alexander Zelinsky and Jordi Robert-Ribes Validation Of An Automatic Lip-Tracking Algorithm And Design Of A Database For Audio-Video Speech Processing PDF
98--103 Simon Lucey, Sridha Sridharan and Vinod Chandran An Improvement Of Automatic Speech Reading Using An Intensity To Contour Stochastic Transformation PDF
104--109 Jacek C. Wojdel and Leon J. M. Rothkrantz Silence Detection And Vowel/Consonant Discrimination In Video Sequences PDF

Phonetics - Acoustic

Pages Authors Title PDF
112--117 Michael Barlow and Frantz Clermont A Parametric Model Of Australian English Vowels In Formant Space PDF
118--123 Michael Barlow and Frantz Clermont Seeing Is Believing: Beyond A Static 2d-View Of Formant Space For Speech Research And Education PDF
124--129 Josefina Carrera-Sabat Ana M. Fernandez-Planas, Josep Matas-Crespo and Alicia Ortega-Escandell Differences In Vowel Quality In Two Catalan Dialects Data From Mds PDF
130--133 Jonathan Harrington, Sallyanne Palethorpe, and Catherine Watson Vowel Change In Received Pronunciation: Evidence From The Queen'S English PDF
134--139 Akiko Onaka and Catherine I. Watson Acoustic Comparison Of Child And Adult Fricatives PDF
140--147 Napier Guy Ian Thompson Wuyi Citation Tone Acoustics: Problems For Tonological Representation PDF

Phonetics - Forensic

Pages Authors Title PDF
148--153 Jennifer Elliott Auditory And F-Pattern Variations In Australian Okay: A Forensic Investigation PDF
154--159 Jennifer Elliott Comparing The Acoustic Properties Of Normal And Shouted Speech: A Study In Forensic Phonetics. PDF
160--165 Yuko Kinoshita Effective F2 As A Parameter In Japanese Forensic Speaker Identification PDF
166--171 Yuko Kinoshita John Maindonald Statistical Quantification Of Differential Vowel Comparability In Forensic Phonetic Samples PDF
172--179 Phil Rose and Frantz Clermont Comparative Performance Of Cepstrum And Formant Based Analysis On Similar-Sounding Speakers For Forensic Speaker Identification PDF

Phonetics - Linguistic

Pages Authors Title PDF
180--185 Helen Fraser Phonetics, Phonology, And The Teaching Of Pronunciation -- A New Cd-Rom For Esl Learners, And Its Rationale PDF
186--191 D. Gharavian, H. Sheikhzadeh, and S. M. Ahadi An Experimental Multi-Speaker Study On Farsi Phoneme Duration Rules Using Automatic Alignment PDF
192--197 Shunichi Ishihara Linguistic-Tonetic Differences In Target-Tone Realisation: Standard Vs. Kagoshima Japanese PDF
198--204 Phil Rose Hong Kong Cantonese Citation Tone Acoustics: A Linguistic Tonetic Study PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
206--211 Mariapaola D'Imperio, Jacques Terken, and Michel Pitermann Perceived Tone "Targets" And Pitch Accent Identification In Italian PDF
212--217 Petra Hansson Focal Accentuation And Boundary Perception PDF
218--223 Shunichi Ishihara Continuous Linguistic Tonetic Representation Using Polynomial Residuals PDF
224--229 Shunichi Ishihara The Exponential Nature Of F0 Target Tone Interpolation PDF
230--235 Phil Rose Wenzhou Dialect Disyllabic Lexical Tone Sandhi With First Syllable Entering Tones PDF
236--242 Hyung-Soon Yim An Analysis Of Korean Intonation In Declarative And Propositive Sentence Types PDF

Signal Processing & Feature Analysis

Pages Authors Title PDF
244--249 M. R. Flax, E. Ambikairajah, W. H. Holmes, J. S. Jin Improved Auditory Masking Models PDF
250--255 Hyoung-Gook Kim, Klaus Obermayer, Mathias Bode, Dietmar Ruwisch Real-Time Noise Cancelling Based On Spectral Minimum Detection And Diffusive Gain Factors PDF
256--261 HyunSoo Kim and W. Harvey Holmes Nonparametric Peak Feature Extraction And Its Applications To Speech Signals PDF
262--267 A.A. Kovtonyuk, A.Ya. Kalyuzhny, V.Yu. Semenov Adaptive Kalman Filtering Of Speech Signals, Based On A Block Model In The State Space And Vector Quantization Of Autoregressive Features PDF
268--273 Iain A. McGowan, Darren Moore, Sridha Sridharan Speech Enhancement Using Near-Field Superdirectivity With An Adaptive Sidelobe Canceler And Post-Filter PDF
274--279 Seng Kah Phooi, Zhihong Man, H. R. Wu A New Approach In Designing An Adaptive Lattice Predictor For Nonlinear And Nonstationary Speech Signals In Adpcm Using Lyapunov Theory PDF
280--286 CW Thorpe and Ci Watson Vowel Identification In Singing At High Pitch PDF

Speaker Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
288--293 Michael Barlow, Brett Watson, Ah Chung Tsoi & Tom Downs A-Priori Selection Of Cohort Sets For A Speaker Verification System: Issues And Insights PDF
294--299 Grazyna Demenko, Adam Mickiewicz Analysis Of Suprasegmental Features For Speaker Verification PDF
300--304 S. Myers, J. Pelecanos and S. Sridharan Two Speaker Detection By Dual Gaussian Mixture Modelling PDF
306--311 J. Pelecanos, S. Myers and S. Sridharan Rapid Channel Compensation For One And Two Speaker Detection In The Nist 2000 Speaker Recognition Evaluation PDF
312--317 Conrad Sanderson and Kuldip K. Paliwal Training Method Of A Piecewise Linear Classifier For A Multi-Modal Person Verification System PDF
318--323 Timothy Wark Sridha Sridharan Vinod Chandran A Comparison Of Static And Dynamic Classifier Performance For Multi-Modal Speaker Verification PDF
324--329 Brett R. Wildermoth and Kuldip K. Paliwal Use Of Voicing And Pitch Information For Speaker Recognition PDF

Speaker Characteristics

Pages Authors Title PDF
330--335 Michael Barlow & Michael Wagner Perceptions Of Identity, Gender And Idiolect In Prosodically Altered Speech Using A Composite Model Approach PDF
336--341 Kirk P.H. Sullivan, Donn Bayard, Ann Weatherall, Cindy Gallois, Frank Schlichting & Jeffery Pittam Does Media Exposure To An Accent Impact Upon The Estimation Of The Age Of Speakers? PDF
342--347 Elisabeth Zetterholm The Significance Of Phonetics In Voice Imitation PDF

Speech Aids &Amp; Disorders: Speech Databases

Pages Authors Title PDF
350--355 Jan van Doorn Does Artificially Increased Speech Rate Help? PDF
356--361 David B. Grayden and Graeme M. Clark The Effect Of Rate Of Stimulation Of The Auditory Nerve On Phoneme Recognition PDF
362--366 Simone Griffin, Linda Wilson, Elizabeth Clark Speech Pathology Applications Of Automatic Speech Recognition Technology PDF
367--372 Cheolwoo Jo, Daehyun Kim, Moojin Baek, Sugeon Wang On Predicting Patient’S Voice After Surgical Operation PDF
373--378 Lois F.A. Martin, Peter J. Blamey, Christopher J. James, Karyn L. Galvin, & David Macfarlane Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimisation For Hearing Aids PDF
428--433 Steve Cassidy Pauline Welby, Julie McGory, Mary Beckman Testing The Adequacy Of Query Languages Against Annotated Spoken Dialog PDF
434--439 J Bruce Millar Prospects For Speech Technology In The Oceania Region PDF
440--445 Li Ming, Jochen Junkawitsch, Tiecheng Yu An Incremental Approach To Selection Of Well Balanced Corpus PDF

Speech Coding

Pages Authors Title PDF
380--385 Beena Ahmed and W. Harvey Holmes Objective And Subjective Performance Measures For Voice Activity Detectors PDF
386--391 Chandranath N. Athaudage, Alan B. Bradley and Margaret Lech Efficient Compression Of Melp Spectral Parameters Using Optimized Temporal Decomposition PDF
392--397 John Dines, Sridha Sridharan and Miles Moody Compression Of Speech For Mass Storage Using Speech Recognition And Text-To-Speech Synthesis PDF
398--403 J.R. Epps and W.H. Holmes Wideband Speech Coding At Narrowband Bit Rates PDF
404--409 Hyoung-Gook Kim, Klaus Obermayer, Mathias Bode and Dietmar Ruwisch A 1.6 Kbps Speech Codec Using Spectral Vector Quantization Of Differential Features PDF
410--415 Michael Mason, Sridha Sridharan and Vinod Chandran A Comparison Of Two Hybrid Audio Coding Structures Incorporating Discreet Wavelet Transforms PDF
416--421 C. H. Ritz, I. S. Burnett Split Temporal Decomposition And Quantisation PDF
421--426 Peter Veprek and Alan B. Bradley Hierarchical Speech Compression For Storage - A Two-Level Approach PDF

Speech Perception

Pages Authors Title PDF
446--451 Dawn Behne, Peter Czigler and Kirk Sullivan Perception Of Swedish Vowel Quantity: Tracing Stages Of Development PDF
452--457 Peter J. Blamey, Christopher J. James & Lois F.A. Martin Sound Separation With A Cochlear Implant And A Hearing Aid In Opposite Ears PDF
458--463 Michael D. Tyler and Denis K. Burnham Orthographic Influences On Initial Phoneme Deletion Tasks PDF

Speech Physiology

Pages Authors Title PDF
466--471 Michael Barlow, Frantz Clermont & Parham Mokhtari From Acoustics Of Speech To A 3d Vocal-Tract: Toward A Plausible Model, With Real-Time Constraints PDF
472--477 Julie Carson-Berndsen and Michael Walsh Interpreting Multilinear Representations In Speech PDF
478--483 Parham Mokhtari and Frantz Clermont New Perspectives On Linear-Prediction Modelling Of The Vocal-Tract: Uniqueness, Formant-Dependence And Shape Parameterisation PDF
484--489 R. E. E. ROBINSON Articulograph Interface PDF

Speech Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
492--497 S.M. Ahadi Reduced Context Sensitivity In Persian Speech Recognition Via Syllable Modeling PDF
498--503 Keith Bain and Di Paez Speech Recognition In Lecture Theatres - Liberated Learning Project An Innovation To Improve Access To Higher Education Using Speech Recognition Technology PDF
504--509 JunLan Feng and LiMin Du An Improved Architecture For Word Verification PDF
510--515 Ho-Hyun Jeon, Chang-Sun Ryu, Jae-In Kim and Myoung-Wan Koo A Speech-Operated Railroad Information &Amp; Reservation Service With Multi-Stage Dialogue PDF