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Proceedings of SST 1994 Volume 1

Page numbers refer to nominal page numbers assigned to each paper for purposes of citation.

Feature Analysis I

Pages Authors Title PDF
2--7 Yaxin Zhang. Roberto Togneri, Chris deSilva. Mike Alder Optimization Of Phoneme-Based VQ Codebook In A Dhmm System PDF
8--13 Lunji Qin, Haiyun Yang and Soo Ngee Koh Estimation Of Continuous Fundamental Frequency Of Speech Signals PDF
14--19 Andrew Luk, C.P. Cheung, S.H. Leung, and W.H. Lau Cantonese Phonemes Recognition Via The Gated Neural Network PDF

Linguistic Phonetics I: Individual Speaker Characteristics

Pages Authors Title PDF
22--27 Jeffery Pittam The Measurement Of Voice PDF
28--33 Andrew Butcher On The Phonetics Of Small Vowel Systems: Evidence From Australian Languages PDF
34--39 Kuniko Kakita Inter-Speaker Interaction Of The Duration Of Sentences And Intersentence Interval S PDF

Speech Enhancement

Pages Authors Title PDF
40--45 A. J. Fisher and S. Sridharan Speech Enhancement For Forensic And Telecommunication Applications PDF
46--50 K. J. Popel and R. E. Bogner Blind Separation Of Speech Signals PDF
51--56 Jie Huang and Noboru Ohnishi Voice Separation Based On Multi-Channel Correlation And Components Tracing PDF
57--62 Yuchang Cao, Sridha Sridharan, Miles P. Moody Multi-Channel Speech Signal Separation By Eigendecomposition And Its Application To Co-Talker Interference Removal PDF
63--68 Michael. S. Scordilis and Stuart Adams Experiments In Multi-Microphone Speech Enhancement For Recognition PDF

Linguistic Phonetics II: Extralinguistic Aspects Of Speech

Pages Authors Title PDF
70--75 CHRISTINE M. KITAMURA Infant Preferences For Age-Related Infant-Directed Speech: The Salience Of Vocal Affect PDF
76--80 L. Penny, A. Russell and C. Pemberton Some Speech And Acoustic Measures Of The Aging Voice PDF
81--86 J.P. Scanlan The Transformation Of Bird Sounds Into 'Speech' PDF
87--91 L. Penny and M. Carmody The Acoustic Correlates Of Heightened Emotion: The Making Of Marriage Vows PDF
92--97 Duncan Markham Is Foreign Accent Visible? PDF

Speech Coding I

Pages Authors Title PDF
100--105 J.S. Pan, F. R. McInnes and M. A. Jack Improvements In Extended Partial Distortion Search And Partial Distortion Search Algorithms VQ Search PDF
106--111 J. S. Pan, F. R. McInnes and M. A. Jack Comparison Of Fast VQ Training Algorithms PDF
112--117 Jinho Choi On Mse Of Celp Coder PDF
118--123 H.R. Sadegh Mohammadi and W.H. Holmes Fine-Coarse Split Vector Quantization: An Efficient Method For Spectral Coding PDF
124--129 Haiyun Yang, Soo-Ngee Koh, Sivaprakassaipillai P Enhancement Of Improved Multi-Band Excitation (IMBE) Using A Novel Method To Encode Spectral Amplitudes PDF

Linguistic Phonetics III: Tone And Intonation

Pages Authors Title PDF
132--137 Phil Rose Any Advance On Eleven? Linguistic Tonetic Contrasts In A Bidialectal Thai Speaker PDF
138--143 Phil Rose Wenzhou Tonal Acoustics - Depressor And Register Effects In Chinese Tonology PDF
144--149 Heather B. King The Interrogative Intonation Of Dyirbal PDF
150--155 Yuancheng Zheng, Harald Trost, Ernst Buchberger, and Johannes Matiasek The Intonational Model Used For German Text-To-Speech Generation PDF
156--161 Sandra Madureira Pitch Patterns In Brazilian Portuguese: An Acoustic-Phonetic Analysis PDF

Speech Coding II

Pages Authors Title PDF
164--169 S. Boland, M. Deriche, and S. Sridharan Low Bit Rate Speech And Music Coding Using The Wavelet Transform PDF
170--175 W.N. Farrell and W.G. Cowley A Rate 3/4 Tcm Decoder For Line Spectral Pairs Using Map Information PDF
176--181 J. Leis, S. Sridharan and W. Millan Secure Speech Coding For Voice Messaging Applications PDF
182--187 Chenthurvasan Duraiappan and Yuliang Zheng Improving Speech Security And Authentication In Mobile Communications PDF
188--193 Ira A. Gerson, Mark A. Jasiuk, Joseph M. Nowack, and Eric H. Winter Speech And Channel Coding For The Half-Rate Gsm Channel PDF

Speech Phonetics & Speech Databases

Pages Authors Title PDF
196--201 K.M. Hird The Function Of Declination In Spontaneous Speech PDF
202--208 Hisham Darjazini and Dr Jo Tibbitts The Construction Of Phonemic Knowledge Using Clustering Methodology PDF
209--214 J.Bruce Millar and Dave Davies The Andor Interface To The Australian National Database Of Spoken Language PDF
215--220 Jonathan Harrington and Lydia K.H. So Some Design Criteria In Segmenting And Labelling A Database Of Spoken Cantonese PDF

Speech & Feature Analyses

Pages Authors Title PDF
222--227 Myléne Pijpers, Michael D. Alder and Roberto Togneri Dimension Reduction Of Acoustic Vowel Data PDF
228--233 Fikret S Gurgen, Ting Fan, Julie Vonwiller On The Analysis Of Phoneme-Based Features For Gender Identification With Neural Networks PDF
234--237 T. Schurer Comparing Different Feature Extraction Methods For Telephone Speech Recognition Based On Hmm'S PDF
238--243 T. Matsuoka, N. Hayakawa, Y. Yashiba, Y. Ishida, T. Honda and Y. Ogawa Pitch Estimation Using Discrete Analytic Signals PDF

Speech Analysis

Pages Authors Title PDF
244--248 Munehiro Namba and Yoshihisa Ishida Design And Implementation Using Neural Networks And Its Application To Hearing Aid PDF
249--254 Hiroyuki KAMATA, Hiroyuki OKA and Yoshihisa ISHIDA Analysis And Synthesis Of Human Voice Considering The Nonstationary Based On The Glottis Open And Close Characteristics PDF
255--260 Xue YANG, J. Bruce Millar and Iain Macleod On The Separation Of Speech Signal Variances From Two Sources PDF
261--267 Richard E Favero Comparison Of Perceptual Scaling Of Wavelets For Speech Recognition PDF

Speech Analysis & Audition

Pages Authors Title PDF
268--273 S. Ong and P. Castellano Spectral Patterns And Speaker Identification Asymmetry PDF
274--279 SH Luo and R. W. King Using Speech Signals To Improve Visual Facial Image Reconstruction: An Rnn Approach To Explore The Mutual Information PDF
280--284 R.H. Withnell & R.A. Wilde Preliminary Report: Early Latency Auditory Evoked Potentials In Infants With Down Syndrome PDF

Keynote Address

Pages Authors Title PDF

Session 13 Speech Development

Pages Authors Title PDF
325--330 Christine Kitamura & Denis Burnham Pitch & Communicative Intent In Infant-Directed Speech: Longitudinal Data PDF
331--336 S. McLeod. J. van Doorn, and V. Reed Homonyms And Cluster Reduction In The Normal Development Of Children'S Speech PDF
337--342 P.F. McCormack & T. Knighton Gender Differences In The Speech Patterns Of Two And A Half Year Old Children PDF
343--348 Christine Kitamura & Denis Burnham Infant Preferences For Infant-Directed Speech: Is Vocal Affect More Salient Than Pitch'? PDF

Feature Analysis II

Pages Authors Title PDF
290--295 Simon Fox and Peter Tischer Exact Sound Compression With Optimal Linear Predictors PDF
296--301 Andrew Hunt and Richard Favero Using Principal Component Analysis With Wavelets In Speech Recognition PDF
302--307 Chee Wee Loke, Roberto Togneri A Geometric Interpretation Of Hidden Markov Model PDF

Linguistic Phonetics IV: Syllable Duration & Rhythm

Pages Authors Title PDF
310--315 P.F. McCormack, J. C. Ingram Tempo And The Rhythm Rule PDF
316--321 David Deterding The Rhythm Of Singapore English PDF
322--327 J. Wang Syllable Duration In Mandarin PDF

Speech Analysis

Pages Authors Title PDF
330--335 Mechtild Tronnier Tracing Nasality With The Help Of The Spectrum Of A Nasal Signal PDF
336--341 Richard E Favero Compound Wavelets And Speech Recognition PDF
342--347 Simon Hawkins, Iain MacLeod, and Bruce Millar Modelling Individual Speaker Characteristics By Describing A Speaker'S Vowel Distribution In Articulatory, Cepstral And Formant Space PDF
348--353 Simon Hawkins, Iain Macleod, and Bruce Millar An Unsupervised Algorithm For The Extraction Of Formant-Like Features From Lpc-Cepstral Space PDF
354--359 Frantz Clermont and Parham Mokhtari Frequency-Band Specification In Cepstral Distance Computation PDF

Linguistic Phonetics V

Pages Authors Title PDF
362--367 Anne Cutler, James McQueen, Harald Baayen and Hens Drexler Words Within Words In A Real-Speech Corpus PDF
368--373 Clive Cooper and Frantz Clermont An Investigation Of The Speaker Factor In Vowel Nuclei PDF
374--380 Michael Ingleby, Wiebke Brockhaus and Carl Chalfont Robust Techniques For Recognition Of New Knowledge-Based Speech Primitives PDF
381--386 Andrew Hunt Two Linear Models Relating Acoustic Prosodics And Syntax PDF
387--392 Shuping Ran, Phil Rose, J.Bruce Millar and Iain Macleod Automatic Vowel Quality Description Using A Cardinal Vowel Reference Model PDF

Speech Analysis II

Pages Authors Title PDF
394--399 D Hawthorn, C White A Data-Driven Speech System PDF
400--405 P. Castellano and S. Sridharan Speaker Identification With Projection Networks PDF
406--410 Malcolm B. Jones Real-Time Speech Enhancement Using Median Filters PDF
411--416 A. Satriawan and J.B. Millar Speaker Change Detection PDF
417--422 A. R. Kian Aleolfazlian & Brian L. Karlsen The Cocktail Party Listener PDF

Proceedings of SST 1994 Volume 2

Page numbers refer to nominal page numbers assigned to each paper for purposes of citation.

Perception & Perceptual Features

Pages Authors Title PDF
424--429 Robert H. Mannell The Prediction Of "Perceptual Distance" From Spectral Distance Measures Based Upon Auditory And Non-Auditory Models Of Intensity Scaling PDF
430--435 U. Thein-Tun and D. Burnham The Nature Of Information Processing In Speech Perception PDF
436--441 Jialong He, Li Liu and Gunther Palm Perception Of Stop Consonants In Vcv Utterances Reconstructed From Partial Fourier Transform Information PDF
442--447 Li Liu, Jialong He and Gunther Palm Perception Of Stop Consonants With Conflicting Phase And Magnitude PDF
448--453 Jordi Robert-Ribes, Jen-Luc Schwartz, Pierre Escudier Audio-Visual Recognition Of Speech Units: A Tentative Functional Model Compatible With Psychological Data PDF

Neural Networks & Artificial Intelligence

Pages Authors Title PDF
456--461 P. Castellano and S. Sridharan A Two Stage Fuzzy Decision Classifier For Speaker Identification PDF
462--467 N. Kasabov, C.Watson, S. Sinclair, R. Kilgour Integrating Neural Networks And Fuzzy Systems For Speech Recognition PDF
468--472 Richard F. Favero Comparison Of Mother Wavelets For Speech Recognition PDF
473--478 David B. Grayden and Michael S. Scordilis A Hierarchical Approach To Phoneme Recognition Of Fluent Speech PDF
479--484 A. Samouelian Knowledge Based Approach To Speech Recognition PDF

Speech & Hearing Disorders

Pages Authors Title PDF
486--491 Sameer Singh Linguistic Computing In Speech And Language Disorders PDF
492--497 C. McKilligan, J. van Doorn & S. Pitt The Intelligibility Of Speech In Cerebral Palsy: The Effects Of Manipulating The Acoustic Speech Signal PDF
498--503 P.J. Blamey, M.L. Grogan and M.B. Shields Using An Automatic Word-Tagger To Analyse The Spoken Language Of Children With Impaired Hearing PDF
504--509 B.M. Chen, D.J. Calder and G. Mann Computer-Based Multimedia Speech Training Tool For Dyspraxic Clients PDF

ANN/AI Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
512--517 Tetsuya Hoya, Hiroyuki Kamata and Yoshihisa Ishida Spoken Digit Recognition Using Neural Network$ Trainee By Incremental Learning PDF
518--521 Kiyoshi Kondou, Hiroyuki Kamata and Yoshihisa Ishida Spoken Japanese Digits Recognition System Using Lvq PDF
522--527 Danqing Zhang and J.Bruce Millar Digit-Specific Feature Extraction For Multi-Speaker Isolated Digit Recognition Using Neural Networks PDF
528--533 F. Béchet, H. Meloni, P. Gilles Knowledge Based Lexical Filtering: The Lexical Module Of The Spex System PDF

Enhancement, Adaptation & Coding

Pages Authors Title PDF
534--539 Fikret S. Gurgen and H. C. Choi On The Frame-Based And Segment-Based Nonlinear Spectral Transformation For Speaker Adaptation PDF
540--545 H.C. Choi and RW. King A Two-Stage Spectral Transformation Approach To Fast Speaker Adaptation PDF
546--550 D. Cole, M. Moody and S. Sridharan Measuring Intelligibility Of Reverberant Speech With And Without Enhancement PDF
551--556 Jianwei Miao Vector Quantization Of Dct Components For Speech Coding PDF

Speech Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
558--563 NAGAI Akito, ISHIKAWA Yasushi and NAKAJIMA Kunio Concept-Driven Semantic Interpretation For Robust Spontaneous Speech Understanding PDF
564--569 Yaxin Zhang, Chee Wee Loke, Roberto Togneri, Mike Alder A Comparison Of Pbdhmm And Chmm For Isolated Word Recognition PDF
570--575 C.C. Fung, C. Romeo and A. Gregory Development Of A Microprocessor-Based Speech Recognition System For Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle PDF

Keynote Address

Pages Authors Title PDF
576--578 Professor Robert Linggard Speech Science And Technology - Review And Perspective PDF

Speech Synthesis

Pages Authors Title PDF
581--586 Caroline Henton Techniques For Synthesizing Visible, Emotional Speech PDF
587--592 Sang-Hun Kim, Jung-Chul Lee Korean Text-To-Speech System Using Time Domain-Pitch Synchronous Overlap And Add Method PDF
593--598 Yasushi Ishikawa and Kunio Nakajima Speech Synthesis By Rule Using Synthesis Units Considering Prosodic Features PDF

Speech Production & Spreaker Characterisics

Pages Authors Title PDF
600--605 C.J. James, M.F. Cheesman, L. Cornelisse and L.T. Miller. Response Times To Sentence Verification Tasks (SVTS) As A Measure Of Effort In Speech Perception PDF
606--611 Alain Marchal and Sophie Lapierre "Can We Learn Something From Nonsense Words?" PDF
612--619 Christophe Vescovi, Eric Castelli Gestural Supervisor For The Vocal Cords Of A Speaking Machine PDF

Speech Tools

Pages Authors Title PDF
620--625 K. C. Scott, D.S. Kagels, S.H. Watson, H. Rom, J.R. Wright, M. Lee, K.J. Hussey Synthesis Of Speaker Facial Movement To Match Selected Speech Sequences PDF
626--631 Catherine I. Watson The Visual Display Test: A Test To Assess The Usefulness Of A Visual Speech Aid PDF
632--636 K.M.Knill and S.J.Young Keyword Training Using A Single Spoken Example For Applications In Audio Document Retrieval PDF
637--642 Joon Hyung Ryoo, Katunobu Itou, Satoru Hayamizu and Kazuyo Tanaka Korean Speech Dialog System For Hotel Reservation PDF
643--648 Florence Sédes, Nadine Vigouroux, Philippe Truillet, Bernard Orloia Hyperaudio : Vocal Navigation Strategies In A Hypermedia Environment PDF

Acoustic Phonetics I: Segments Duration & Prosody

Pages Authors Title PDF
650--655 Katsumasa Shimizu F0 In Phonation Types Of Initial-Stops PDF
656--661 Janet Fletcher, Jonathan Harrington and John Hajek Phonemic Vowel Length And Prosody In Australian English PDF
662--667 J. Hajek Phonological Length And Phonetic Duration In Bolognese: Are They Related? PDF
668--673 Corinne Roberts Speech Rate Effects On Duration: An Articulatory Analysis PDF
674--679 Stefanie Jannedy Prosodic And Segmental Influences On High Vowel Devoicing In Turkish PDF

Speaker Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
682--687 Jianming Song Enhancement Of Hmm Through Discriminative Analysis PDF
688--693 G. Platt and M.D. Alder A Dynamic Causal Filter Approach To Speech Trajectory Segmentation PDF
694--699 Hoi-Rin Kim, Kyu-Woong Hwang, Nam-Yong Han, and Young-Mok Ahn Korean Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Context-Dependent Phone Schmms PDF
700--705 Andrew Hunt Introducing Prosodic Constraints To Stochastic Language Modelling PDF
706--712 Shuping Ran, Bruce Millar, William Laverty, lain Macleod, Michael Wagner and Xiaoyuan Zhu Speaker Recognition Using Continuous Ergodic Hmms PDF

Acoustic Phonetics II

Pages Authors Title PDF
714--719 Mary O'Kane, P.E.Kenne, Hamish Pearcy, Tim Morgan, Gail Ransom and Kathryn Devoy On The Feasibility Of Automatic Punctuation Of Transcribed Speech Without Prosody Or Parsing PDF
720--725 P.E. Kenne, M.J. O'Kane and H. Pearcy Some Experiments Involving The Annotation Of A Large Speech And Natural Language Database PDF
725--730 Simon Hawkins, Iain Macleod and Bruce Millar An Ab Initio Analysis Of Relationships Between Cepstral And Formant Spaces PDF
731--736 K.L. Jenkin and M.S. Scordilis Automatic Methods Of Syllable Stress Classification In Continuous Speech PDF
737--742 Cioni Lorenzo A Simple Program For The Visualisation Of F0 PDF

Speaker Verification

Pages Authors Title PDF
744--749 J.Bruce Millar, Fangxin Chen, Iain Macleod, Shuping Ran, Hong Tang, Michael Wagner and Xiaoyuan Zhu. Overview Of Speaker Verification Studies Towards Technology For Robust User-Conscious Secure Transactions PDF
750--755 Iain Macleod, Fangxin Chen, Bruce Millar and William Laverty Optimal Cohort Design In Vq-Distortion Based Text-Independent Speaker Verification PDF
756--761 Xiaoyuan Zhu, Bruce Millar, Iain Macleod and Michael Wagner Speaker Verification: Beyond The Absolute Threshold PDF
762--767 Shupinq Ran, William Laverty, Bruce Millar, Iain Macleod and Michael Wagner Estimation Of False Acceptance Rate In Speaker Verification PDF
768--773 Hong Tang, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Bruce Millar, Iain Macleod and Michael Wagner Robust Speaker Verification In Noisy Environments PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
776--781 Graeme K. Yates Dynamic Range Compression In The Cochlea: Experiments And Models PDF
782--787 Michael Oerlemans and Peter Blamey Multisensory Speech Perception: Integration Of Speech Information PDF
788--793 Peter J Blamey and Elvira S Parisi Pitch And Vowel Perception In Cochlear Implant Users PDF
794--799 Ambikairajah, E., McDonagh, B. An Active Model Of The Auditory Periphery With Realistic Temporal And Spectral Characteristics PDF
800--805 P.F. McCormack, J.C. Ingram Speech Motor Control In Ataxic Dysarthria PDF

Speech Databases

Pages Authors Title PDF
808--813 P.E. Kenne, M.J. O'Kane and H. Pearcy An Australian Speech Database Derived From Court Recordings PDF
814--819 Dong K. Kim Automatically Assisted Annotation Of The Australian National Speech Database PDF
820--825 Yaxin Zhang, Mylene Pijpers, Roberto Togneri, Mike Alder Cdigits: A Large Isolated English Digit Database PDF
826--831 M.Bijankhan, J.Sheikhzadegan, M.R.Roohani, Y.Samareh, K.Lucas, M.Tebyani Farsdat - The Speech Database Of Farsi Spoken Language PDF

Speech Databases And Speaker Verification

Pages Authors Title PDF
834--839 Wenxian Li, Yiqing Zu, Chorkin Chan A Chinese Speech Database (Putonghua Corpus) PDF
840--845 R.E.E.ROBINSON Synthesising Facial Movement: Data Base Design PDF
846--849 Hitoshi Ihara, Hiroyuki Kamata and Yoshihisa Ishida Speaker Identification Using Neural Networks PDF
850--855 J.Bruce Millar, Fangxin Chen and Michael Wagner. The Efficacy Of Cohort Normalisation In A Speaker Verification Task Under Different Types Of Speech Signal Variance PDF

Speech Tools

Pages Authors Title PDF
858--863 Cioni Lorenzo A Data Base For Speech Signal Processing PDF
864--869 D. Farrokhi, R. Togneri, Y. Zhang, and Y. Attikiouzel Real Time Voice Processing (Voice/Speaker Recognition) PDF
870--875 Fumitake SUGANO, Tomoyuki MIZUTANI, Ayano SASAKI, Takefumi KITAYAMA, Hiroyuki KAMATA and Yoshihisa ISHIDA Speech Training System For Hearing Impaired Children Using Technology Of Voice Recognition PDF