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SST 1992

Page numbers refer to nominal page numbers assigned to each paper for purposes of citation.

Speech Perception I

Pages Authors Title PDF
2--7 P.Basile, F.Cutugno P.Maturi The Wavelet Transform And Phonetic Analysis PDF
8--13 M.P. Cooke and G.J. Brown Computational Auditory Scene Analysis: Exploiting The Continuity Illusion PDF
14--19 Kerrie Lee and Phillip Dermody The Relationship Between Perceptual And Acoustic Analysis Of Speech Sounds. PDF

Acoustic Phonetics I

Pages Authors Title PDF
22--27 Shuping Ran and J.Bruce Millar Phonetic Feature Extraction Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
28--33 Janet Fletcher and Andrew McVeigh Towards A Model Of Segment And Syllable Duration In Australian English PDF
34--39 Santha Sampath, David Slater and Michael Wagner An Acoustic-Phonetic Comparison Of English Diphthongs Produced By Native Speakers Of Tamil And Australian English PDF
40--45 K. N. Stevens Models For Production And Acoustics Of Stop Consonants PDF

Speech Analysis I

Pages Authors Title PDF
48--53 Frantz CLERMONT Formant-Contour Parameterisation Of Vocalic Sounds By Temporally-Constrained Spectral Matching PDF
54--59 Y.K. Jang, J.F. Chicharo and B. Ribbum Pitch Detection And Estimation Using Adaptive IIR Comb Filtering PDF

Speaker Verification I

Pages Authors Title PDF
62--66 Tom Downs, Ah Chung Tsoi, Mark Schulz, Brian Lovell, Michael Barlow, Ian Booth, David Shrimpton, Brett Watson. An Overview Of The Speaker Verification Project At The University Oe Queensland PDF
67--72 M.E. Forsyth, A.M. Sutherland, J.A. Elliott and MA. Jack Hmm Speaker Verification With Sparse Training Data On Telephone Quality Speech PDF
73--78 Liam Kilmartin and Eliathamby Ambikairajah A Hybrid Mlp-Rbf Based Speaker Verification System PDF

Speech Databases I

Pages Authors Title PDF
80--85 J.Bruce Millar The Description Of Spoken Language PDF
86--91 Karen Croot, Janet Fletcher and Jonathan Harrington Levels Of Segmentation And Labelling In The Australian National Database Of Spoken Language PDF

Speech Recognition I Algorithms

Pages Authors Title PDF
92--97 Florian Schiel Phonetically Seeded Schmm Of Variable Length For Speaker Independent Recognition Of Isolated Words PDF
98--103 Qiang Huo & Chorkin Chan The Gradient Projection Method For The Training Of Hidden Markov Model PDF
104--109 Tetsuo Kosaka and Shigeki Sagayama An Algorithm For Automatic Hmm Structure Generation In Speech Recognition PDF

Poster Session 1

Pages Authors Title PDF
112--117 K. Katagishi, H.Singer, K.Aikawa, and S. Sagayama Linear Filtering Of A Feature Vector Sequence For Speech Recognition PDF
118--123 A.S. Prabhavathy and T.V. Sreenivas Noise Robustness In Multi-Level Crossing Interval Based Method Of Spectral Estimation PDF
124--129 Mylene Pijpers and Michael D. Alder Affine Transformations Of The Speech Space PDF
130--133 Yuki Kakita and Hitoshi Okamoto Fractal Dimensional Analysis Of Voice Fluctuation: Normal And Pathological Cases. PDF
134--139 Dr Leisa Condie Phase Space Behaviour Of Speech PDF
140--145 Jianxiong WU, Chorkin CHAN, Pengfei SHI A Gamma Network Approach To Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
146--151 Brett Watson, Ah Chung Tsoi Second Order Hidden Markov Models For Speech Recognition PDF
152--155 M. I. Dawson and S. Sridharan Speech Enhancement Using Time Delay Neural Networks PDF

Poster Session 1/2

Pages Authors Title PDF
162--166 L.R. Leerink. M.A. Jabri , A.E. Dutech Detection Of Word-Boundaries From Continuous Phoneme Streams Using Simple Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
167--172 S-H Luo and R.W.King A Combined Neural Network And Contour Method For Mouth Image Location For Speech-Driven Image Enhancement PDF
173--177 R. Togneri, D. Farrokhi. Y. Zhang and Y. Attikiouzel A Comparison Of The Lbg, Lvq, Mlp, Som And Gmm Algorithms For Vector Quantisation And Clustering Analysis PDF
178--183 O. A. Alim, E. A. Youssef and A. G. Mokhtar Two Novel Speech Coding Techniques Based On Multipulse Representation PDF
184--189 Jean-Pierre RENARD, Henri LEICH Design Of Pseudo-Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank For High Quality Subband Coding PDF
190--195 Gao Yang and H. Leich Dynamic Scalar Quantization Of LSP (Line Spectral Pair) PDF
196--201 C. F. Chan, W. H. Lau, S. P. Chui, and F. L. Hui Improving Vselp Coding Using Truncated Perceptual Weighting Filter And In-Loop Quantization PDF
202--206 T. DUTOIT, H. LEICH Mbr-Psola: Text-To-Speech Synthesis Based On An Mbe Re-Synthesis Of The Segments Database. PDF
207--211 R.E.E.Robinson Synthesising Facial Movement: Data Capture PDF

Neural Networks

Pages Authors Title PDF
214--219 David B. Grayden and Michael S. Scordilis Tdnn Vs. Fully Interconnected Multilayer Perceptron: A Comparative Study On Phoneme Recognition PDF
220--225 Andrew Hunt Recurrent Neural Networks For Syllabification PDF
226--231 Yohji Fukuda and Haruya Matsumoto Speech Recognition Using Modular Organizations Based On Multiple Hopfield Neural Networks PDF

Speech Coding I

Pages Authors Title PDF
234--239 C. F. Chan Vector Quantisation Of Thinned Filter Coefficients For Low-Bit-Rate Speech Coding PDF
240--245 Kwok-Wah Law and Cheung-Fat Chan Efficient Quantization Of The Lpc Coefficients Using Hybrid Codebook Structure PDF

Aspects Of Speech Understanding Systems

Pages Authors Title PDF
248--253 C. Rowles, X. Huang, M. de Beler, J. Vonwiller, R. King, C. Matthiesson, P. Sefton and M. O'Donnell Using Prosody To Assist In The Understanding Of Spoken English PDF
254--259 Russell.J.Collingham and Roberto Garigliano A Word Lattice Parsing Algorithm For Naturally Spoken English PDF
260--265 M O'Kane, P Kenne and O White Determination Of Training Set Size For A Statistically-Based Wordspotter PDF

Speech Technology I - Speech Aids

Pages Authors Title PDF
268--273 P.A. Jones, H.J. McDermott, P.M. Selligman, J.B. Millar An Extension Of The Multipeak Speech Processing Strategy For The Msp/Mini 22 Cochlear Implant System. PDF
273--278 P.J. Blamey, G.J. Dooley, P.M. Seligman, J.I. Alcantara, and E.S. Gerin Formant-Based Processing For Hearing Aids PDF
279--284 Catherine I. Watson and John H. Andreae A Test To Assess The Remedial Worth Of A Computer-Based Speech Therapy Aid PDF

Acoustic Phonetics II

Pages Authors Title PDF
286--291 Andrew Butcher Intraoral Pressure As An Independent Parameter In Oral Stop Contrasts PDF
292--267 Phil Rose Bidirectional Interaction Between Tone And Syllable Coda: Acoustic Evidence From Chinese. PDF
298--304 Frantz CLERMONT Characterisation Of The Diphthongal Sound Beyond The F1-F2 Plane PDF

Speech Coding II

Pages Authors Title PDF
306--311 S Sridharan, B Goldburg, E Dawson Speech Cryptanalysis PDF
312--317 J. Kostogiannis and A. Perkis A Robust Error Masking Hybrid Spectral Quantisation Scheme For Noisy Channels PDF
317--322 R. Soheili. A.M. Kondoz, B.G. Evans An 8 Kb/S Ld-Celp With Improved Excitation Modeling PDF

Speech Recognition II: Systems

Pages Authors Title PDF
324--329 S. Sagayama, M. Sugiyama, K. Ohkura, J. Takami, A. Nagai, H. Singer, H. Hattori, K. Fukuzawa, Y. Kato, K. Yamaguchi, T Kosaka, and A. Kurematsu Atreus: Continuous Speech Recognition Systems At Atr Interpreting Telephony Research Laboratories PDF
330--335 Jin'ichi Murakami and Shigeki Sagayama An Efficient Algorithm For Using Word Trigram Models For Continuous Speech Recognition PDF
336--341 A. Kowalczyk, M. Dale & C. Rowles. Low Cost Speech Recognition For Simple Dialogue Understanding PDF
342--347 C. H. Lee, J. L. Gauvain. R. Pieraccini and L. R. Rabiner Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Using Subword Units PDF

Speech Disorders

Pages Authors Title PDF
356--361 Lydia K. H. So and Barbara Dodd Phonologically Disordered Cantonese-Speaking Children PDF
362--367 Alison D. Bagnall. An Alternative Approach To The Treatment Of Vocal Fold Nodules In Children - A Case Study PDF

Speech Coding III

Pages Authors Title PDF
370--374 Annie George and Bernt Ribbum High Quality Audio Coding Suitable For Isdn Channels PDF
375--380 T. S. Lim and M. S. Scordilis New And Improved Pitch Determination For The IMBE Vocoder PDF
381--386 Shu H. Leung, Chi Y. Chung and Andrew Luk A Low Noise Fixed Point Implementation Of Gsm Speech Codec On Tms320c2s PDF

Speech Recognition III: Prosody

Pages Authors Title PDF
388--393 Andrew J. Hunt Recent Advances In Utilising Prosody In Speech Recognition PDF
394--399 Harald Singer and Shigeki Sagayama Suprasegmental Duration Control With Matrix Parsing In Continuous Speech Recognition PDF

Poster Session 2

Pages Authors Title PDF
402--407 Ann Packman, Janis van Doom, and Mark Onslow Stuttering Treatments: What Is Happening To The Acoustic Signal? PDF
408--413 Jan van Doorn and Alison Purcell The Nasometer: A Clinical Gadget Or A Potential Technological Breakthrough? PDF
414--419 A. Marchal, C. Meunier, D. Masse Hyperbaric Speech Unscrambling: Results Of An Analysis/Synthesis Method Using Psh/Dispe Cdrom Speech Samples. PDF
420--424 Sallyanne Palethorpe Speech Intelligibility In Communicative Difficulty PDF
425--430 Florian Schiel A New Approach To Speaker Adaptation By Modelling The Pronunciation In Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
431--436 Yasunaga Miyazawa and Shigeki Sagayama Speaker-Normalized Hmm-Likelihood For Selecting A Reference Speaker In Speaker-Adaptive Speech Recognition PDF
437--442 Jun-ichi Takami, Akito Nagai and Shigeki Sagayama Speaker Adaptation Of The SSS (Successive State Splitting)-Based Hidden Markov Network For Continuous Speech Recognition PDF
443--447 X.Y. Zhu and L.W. Cahill Automatic Gender Identification By Voice PDF
448--453 J. M. Song A Study On The Combination Of Hidden Markov Models And Multi-Layer Perceptron For Speech Recognition PDF
454--459 Elijah Mwangi On The Use Of Acoustic Segmentation In Isolated Word Recognition PDF
460--464 David Shrimpton and Brett D. Watson Comparison Of Recurrent Neural Network Architectures For Speaker Verificatlon PDF

Poster Session 2/2

Pages Authors Title PDF
465--470 J. Ingram, R. Prandolini & S. Ong Phonetic Variability In Speaker Recognition For Forensic Purposes PDF
471--476 Frédéric Quesne and Henri. Leich Improving The Performances Of Hidden Markov Models For Text Dependent Speaker Verification Or Identification PDF
477--482 Miles P. Moody, Sherman Ong On The Confidence Level Of Speaker Identification Using Statistical Measures On Reflection Coefficients PDF
483--488 Ian Booth, Michael Barlow, and Brett Watson Enhancements To Dtw And VQ Decision Algorithms For Speaker Recognition PDF
489--494 L. Penny Acoustic Measurements Of The Diphthongs Of Women Speakers Of General Australian English PDF
495--500 Steve Cassidy and Jonathan Harrington Investigating The Dynamic Structure Of Vowels Using Neural Networks PDF
501--506 Xiaonong Sean Zhu Intrinsic Vowel F0 In A Contour Tone Language PDF

Speaker Verification II

Pages Authors Title PDF
508--513 Anthony Kelly and Eliathamby Ambikairajah Hidden Control Neural Networks And Neural Prediction Models For The Task Of Speaker Verification PDF
515--520 E. Ambikairajah, M. Keane and G. Tattersall Speaker Verification Using Self Segmenting Linear Predictors PDF
521--526 Peter Kootsookos, Ah Chung Tsoi and Brian Lovell Speech Enhancement For Robust Speaker Verification PDF

Speech Synthesis I Text To Speech

Pages Authors Title PDF
528--533 N. Yiourgalis, G. Epitropakis, G. Kokkinakis Some Important Cues On Improving The Quality Of A Tts System PDF
534--539 G. Epitropakis, N. Yiourgalis, G. Kokkinakis Prosody Assignment To Its-Systems Based On Linguistic Analysis PDF

Speech Analysis II: Tools

Pages Authors Title PDF
542--547 WJ. Hardcastle, A. Marchal, K. Nicolaidis, N. Nguyen-Trong Non-Linear Annotation Of Multi-Channel Speech Data PDF
548--553 Andrew McVeigh and Jonathan Harrington Acoustic, Articulatory, And Perceptual Studies Using The Mu+ System For Speech Database Analysis PDF
556--561 Lorenzo Cioni An Environment For Speech Signal Processing PDF

Speech Recognition V: Word Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
562--567 J. M. Song and A. Samouelian A Robust Speaker Independent Isolated Word Recognizer Over The Telephone Network Based On A Modified Hmm Approach PDF
568--573 Yaxin Zhang, Christopher J. S. deSilva, Roberto Togneri, Mike Alder, and Yianni Attikiouzel A Multi-Hmm Isolated Word Recognizer PDF

Speech Coding IV

Pages Authors Title PDF
574--579 John Asenstorfer Superresolution Pitch Estimator Using Chaos Theory PDF
580--584 Dale Carnegie, Geoff Holmes, and Lloyd Smith Intelligibility Of Speech Compressed Using An Auditory Model PDF
585--590 Hiroaki Oasa and Michael Wagner A Method To Evaluate The Pre-Processing Stage Of Isolated-Word Recognition Systems PDF

Linguistic Phonetics

Pages Authors Title PDF
592--596 Mark Donohue and Yvette van Vugt Analysis Of Tone In The Language Of Vanimo Papua New Guinea PDF
597--601 Heather B. King Dyirbal Intonation PDF
602--607 Cathryn J Donohue The Phonetics Of Register In The Fuzhou Dialect Of Chinese PDF
608--613 Yasuko Nagano-Madsen Multilingual Prosodic Rules - Introducing A New Project PDF

Speech Analysis And Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
614--619 A. G Maher, R. W. King and J. M. Song Adaptive Noise Reduction Techniques For Speech Recognition In Telecommunications Environments PDF
620--624 George Raicevich and Phillip Dermody. Comparison Of Methods For Speech Analysis PDF
625--628 MD. Chau and C. D. Summerfield Auditory Models As Front-Ends For Speech Recognition In High Noise Environments PDF
629--634 A. Samouelian Acoustic Feature Extraction Framework For Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
635--640 P Kenne and M O'Kane Micro-Measures Of Speech Recogniser Effectiveness PDF

Speech Technology II

Pages Authors Title PDF
642--647 A.J. Hunt, P.C.B. Henderson, A. Samouelian, J.M. Song, and R.W. King Engineering A Speech-Controlled Voice-Mail Demonstration System Operating On The Telephone Network PDF
647--652 Wilson Lo and A. Samouelian Application Of Speech Recognition Technology For Telecommunication Services PDF
652--657 Elizabeth Bednall and Josephine Chessari The Role Of Human Factors Testing In Speech Technology PDF
658--663 Steven Hiller, Edmund Rooney, John Laver and Mervyn Jack An Automated System For Computer Aided Pronunciation Teaching PDF

Speech Perception II

Pages Authors Title PDF
666--671 Anne Cutler, Ruth Kearns, Dennis Norris and Donia R. Scott Listeners' Responses To Extraneous Signals Coincident With English And French Speech PDF
672--677 U. Jekosch Spaces Of Perceptual Distinction In Natural And Synthetic Speech PDF
678--683 P.J.Blamey and V.C. Tartter Fricative Perception By Cochlear Implant Users PDF

Speech Analysis II

Pages Authors Title PDF
686--691 Nick Campbell and Yoshinori Sagisaka Automatic Annotation Of Speech Corpora PDF
692--697 S H Leung , Andrew Luk , Godfrey K F Liu and Caesar S Lun An Arma Model For Extracting Cantonese Phoneme Characteristics PDF
698--703 L. Cerrato, F, Cutugno, P.Maturi A Method For The Statistical Treatment Of Vocalic Formant Values PDF

Speech Databases II

Pages Authors Title PDF
706--711 Michael Barlow, Ian Booth, and Andrew Parr The Collection Of Two Speaker Recognition Targeted Speech Databases PDF
712--717 M O'Kane and P Kenne On The Feasibility Of Using Application-Specific Speech To Derive A General-Purpose Speech Recogniser Training Database PDF
718--723 Lydia K.H. So and Robin Thelwall Hong Kong Spoken Cantonese Database PDF

Speech Synthesis II

Pages Authors Title PDF
724--729 V. Kraft, J.R. Andrews Design, Evaluation And Acquisition Of A Speech Database For German Synthesis-By-Concatenation PDF
730--735 K.P.H. Sullivan Novel-Word Pronunciation: A Crosslanguage Study PDF

Speaker Characteristics

Pages Authors Title PDF
738--743 Caroline Henton Sex And Speech Synthesis: Techniques, Successes And Challenges PDF
744--749 J. Pittam and K.R. Scherer The Encoding Of Affect: A Review And Directions For Future Research PDF
750--755 John Ingram Prosody, Foreign Accent And Speech Synthesis PDF

Human Factors

Pages Authors Title PDF
758--763 Julie Vonwiller and Suzanne Eggins What Is A Communication Difficulty? PDF
764--769 A.BETARI, P.COTE, S. EL-KAREH Interfaces For Standard Arabic In Prolog PDF
770--775 R.W. King and J.P. Vonwiller Undergraduate Education For Speech Technology: An Introductory Course For Electrical Engineers And Linguists PDF

Speech Recognition

Pages Authors Title PDF
778--783 Andrew Tridgell and Bruce Millar A Speaker Independent Phoneme Recognition System PDF
784--789 Daniel Woo , Phillip Dermody, Richard Lyon and Bruce Lowerre Auditory Model Interfaces Into A Dtw Recogniser PDF
789--794 G.V.RAMANA RAO Detection Of Word Boundaries In Continuous Hindi Speech Using Pitch And Duration PDF

Speech Analysis III

Pages Authors Title PDF
796--801 X.Y. Zhu and L.W. Cahill Combining Template Matching And Multilayer Perceptron For Speaker Identification PDF
802--807 R. Mannell The Effects Of Presentation Level On Sone, Intensity-J.N.D. And Decibel Quantisation Of Channel Vocoded Speech PDF
808--813 Paul C. Bagshaw An Investigation Of Acoustic Events Related To Sentential Stress And Pitch Accents, In English PDF

Extra Paper

Pages Authors Title PDF
816--821 Hing C. Ng, Shu H. Leung and Andrew Luk An Isolated Chinese Word Recognition System Using Hierarchical Neural Network With Applications To Telephone Dialing PDF