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SST 1988

Synthesis I

Pages Authors Title PDF
2--7 Rolf Carlson, Bjorn Granstrom and Sheri Hunnicutt Rulsys - The Swedish Multilingual Text-To-Speech Approach PDF
8--13 Clive D Summerfield, and Marwan A Jabri A Formant Speech Synthesiser Asic: Functional Design PDF
14--20 Marwan A Jabri, Kiang Ooi Tan and Clive D Summerfield A Formant Speech Synthesiser Asic: Implementation PDF

Perception I

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22--27 R. H. Mannell Perceptual Space Of Male And Female Australian English Vowels PDF
28--34 U Thein-Tun The Gender And Individual Variations In Processing Linguistic-Phonetic Cues PDF

Coding I

Pages Authors Title PDF
36--41 M.J. Flaherty On The Representation Of Time-Varying Lpc Parameters By Cubic Splines With Variable Knots PDF
42--47 H Gondokusumo and T.S. Ng Subband Coding Of Speech Using M-Band Parallel Quadrature Mirror Filters PDF
48--53 A. W. Johnson and A. B. Bradley The Effect Spectral Modifications Have Upon The Performance Of Frequency Domain Coders PDF
54--59 S N Koh and P. Sivaprakasapillai Analysis And Synthesis Method For Packet Speech Enhancement PDF
60--66 A. Perkis, B. Ribbum, T. Ramstad Improving Subjective Quality In Waveform Coders By The Use Of Postfiltering PDF

Analysis I

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68--73 Phil Rose Normalisation Of Tonal F0 From Long Term F0 Distributions PDF
74--79 J.S. Chang and Y.C. Tong Development Of A Switched Capacitor Speech Spectrum Analyzer System Design PDF
80--85 Michael G. Barlow and Michael Wagner Prosody As A Basis For Determining Speaker Characteristics PDF
86--91 Kim E. A. Silverman Utterance-Internal Prosodic Boundaries PDF
92--97 Lori F. Lamel Spectrogram Readers' Identification Of Stop Consonants PDF

Recognition I

Pages Authors Title PDF
100--105 D.Rainton and S.J Young Consonant Recognition Using The Covariance Of The Pseudo Wigner Distribution PDF
106--111 J. R. Sholicar I, F. Fallside A Prosodically And Lexically Constrained Approach To Continuous Speech Recognition PDF
112--118 P.Pierucci, A.Paladin Multistage Vector Quantization With Acoustic Constraints For Speaker Verification PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
120--125 Peter D. Neilson, Megan D. Neilson, and Nicholas J. O'Dwyer Redundant Degrees Of Freedom In Speech Control: A Problem Or A Virtue? PDF
126--131 David Slater Intrinsic Effects Of Voiced And Voiceless Unaspirated Prevocalic Stops On Fundamental Frequency In Luang Prabang Lao PDF
132--137 Andrew Butcher Invariance And Variability In Tongue Contact Patterns: Electropalatographic Evidence PDF
138--144 Jinshi Huang An Arma Model Of Speech Production Process With Applications PDF

Analysis II

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146--151 Frantz Clermont A Dual Exponential Model For Formant Trajectories Of Diphthongs PDF
152--157 C. D. Summerfield Pole-Zero Analysis For The Detection Of Nasality PDF
158--163 R. H. Mannell Spectral Distortion And Spectral Distance Measures PDF
164--169 A. Al-Otaibi and Y. El-Imam Automatic Segmentation Of Speech Signals Into Arabic Syllables PDF
170--175 Xi Xiao, D. Nandagopal & D.A.H. Johnson On The Application Of Ar Model In Segmenting Isolated-Word Speech Signals PDF

Assesment Intelligibility & Cognition

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178--183 V.J. Demczuk An Investigation Into The Intelligibility Of Various Synthetic Speech Devices. PDF
184--189 W.A.Ainsworth, A.P.Lobo and G.R.Nest Correlation Of Speech Intelligibility And Glottal Pulse Parameters PDF
190--196 Katerina K. Karadjova Cognitive Networks In The Semantic Memory Of Normal And Mentally Retarded Children PDF

Recognition II

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198--203 M.D. Alder Automatic Extraction Of Syntax Applied To Speech Recognition. PDF
204--209 R.A. Bennett, E. Lai, and Y. Attikiouzel A Connected Speech Parse For Australian English Utilizing Matrix Syllable Formation PDF
210--215 T. Svendsen, K. K. Paliwal, E. Harborg, P. O. Husoy Experiments With A Sub-Word Based Speech Recognizer PDF
216--221 Frantz CLERMONT and Simon J. BUTLER Prosodically Guided Methods For Nearest Neighbour Classification Of Syllables PDF
222--228 Simon J. BUTLER and Frantz CLERMONT On The Asymptotic Performance Of Nearest Neighbour Pattern Classifiers In Speech Recognition PDF


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230--233 H.S.J.Purvis. The Control Of A Speech Synthesiser By An Ibm Pc. PDF
234--239 Ara Samouelian and Clive D. Summerfield Computational Model Of The Peripheral Auditory System For Speech Recognition: Initial Results PDF
240--243 R.A. Wills and Y.C. Tong An ILS Compatible Wide Band Spectrum Analysis/Plotting Program (WBS) PDF
244--247 Arthur Lagos and Michael Wagner An Integrated Audio Signal Interface For Use In The Teaching Laboratory PDF
248--255 H.S.J.Purvis. A General Purpose Speech Editor, The Speak Language. PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
256--261 C Wheddon Human-Computer Speech Communication Systems PDF
262--267 R. W. King and A.J. Hunt A Synthetic Speech Terminal. For Viatel: Design, Implementation And Performance PDF
268--273 P.J. Kennedy and J.E. Clark Operational Language In The Cockpit/Flightdeck Communication Environment Of Australian Civil Aviation Aircraft PDF
274--281 F.J. Kennedy and JE. Clark Ambient Noise In The Cockpit/Flightdeck Communication Environment Of Australian Civil Aviation Aircraft PDF

Synthesis II

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282--287 JE. Clark and RH. Mannell Some Comparative Characteristics Of Uniform And Auditorily Scaled Channel Synthesis PDF
288--293 Simon J. BUTLER A Speech Synthesis System Based On Articulatory Modelling PDF
294--301 Danielle Ribot, Frédéric Le Diberder and Pierre Martin The Multivoc Text-To-Speech System PDF

Analysis III

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302--307 J. Ingram Connected Speech Processes And Connected Speech Synthesis PDF
308--313 Jeffery Pittam and J. Bruce Millar The Longterm Spectrum Of Voice PDF
314--319 J.Bruce Millar Stability Of Long Term Acoustic Features PDF
320--325 J. Pittam, C, Gallois and V.J. Callan The Long-Term Acoustic Characteristics Of Emotion PDF
326--333 Hiroaki Oasa and J.Bruce Millar Acoustic Processing Cf Phonetically Controlled Vowels PDF


Pages Authors Title PDF
334--337 Geoff Plant Speech Test Procedures For Use With Hearing Impaired Aboriginal Children PDF
338--343 Megan D. Neilson and Peter D. Neilson Sensory-Motor Integration Capacity Of Stutterers And Nonstutterers PDF
344--349 Corinne Adams Prosody And Airflow In Deaf Speech And Visual Feedback Remediation PDF
350--357 J. Ingram, B. Murdoch and H. Chenery Prosody In Hypokinetic And Ataxic Dysarthria PDF

Technical Aids

Pages Authors Title PDF
358--363 Rolf Carlson, Bjorn Granstrom and Sheri Hunnicutt Applications Of Speech Technology In Aids For The Disabled PDF
364--369 P.J. Blamey and G.M. Clark Perception Of Synthetic Vowels And Stop Consonants By Cochlear Implant Users PDF
370--376 H.H. Lim, Y.C. Tong and G.M. Clark Identification Of Synthetic Vowel Nuclei By Cochlear Implant Patients PDF

Perception II

Pages Authors Title PDF
378--383 W.K. Lai, Y.C. Tong, and G.M. Clark Absolute Identification By Cochlear Implant Patients Of Synthetic Vowels Constructed From Acoustic Formant Information PDF
384--389 Geoff Plant Speech Understanding With Low Frequency Hearing A Case Study PDF
390--396 P.J. Blamey and G.M.Clark Combining Tactile, Auditory And Visual Information For Speech Perception PDF

Coding II

Pages Authors Title PDF
398--401 Leisa Condie. Word Recognition Using Error-Correction Codes PDF
402--407 R.E.E.Robinson A Simple Pitch Detector Using A Digital Signal Processor PDF
408--413 Bernt Ribbum, Andrew Perkis and K.K. Paliwal Enhancing The Codebook For Improving The Speech Quality Of Celp Coders PDF
414--420 S. Sridharan, E. Dawson, and J. O'Sullivan Speech Encryption Using Fast Fourier Transform Techniques PDF

Analysis IV

Pages Authors Title PDF
422--425 R. Potapova The Length And Variability In Connected Speech For Russian PDF
426--428 V.V. Potapov The Rhythmic Organization Of Speech In Czech And Russian PDF