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SST 1986

Text-To-Speech And Speech Synthesis

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2--7 S.J. Butler Articulatory And Cognitive Constraints In Speech Synthesis PDF
8--13 K. C. Zhou Principles Of Implementing A Text-To-Speech System For Tonal Chinese (Mandarin) PDF
14--19 R.Mannell and J.E.Clark Text-To-Speech Rule And Dictionary Development PDF
20--25 M.J. McAllister, J. Layer, J.M. McAllister A Preprocessor Algorithm For The Cstr Text To Speech System PDF

Speaker Characteristics

Pages Authors Title PDF
228--233 J.B.Millar Quantification Of Speaker Variability PDF
234--239 J. Pittam The Long-Term Measurement Of Voice Quality: A Comparison Of Acoustic Measures PDF
240--245 Michael G. Barlow and Michael Wagner Effects Of Acoustic Parameter Alteration Upon Perceived Speaker Characteristics PDF
246--251 J. Ingram and J. Pittam Acoustic Correlates Of Accent Change: Vietnamese Schoolchildren Acquiring Australian English PDF

Speech Technology Applications

Pages Authors Title PDF
254--259 A.B. Bradley Development Considerations For A Medium To High Security Voice Scrambling System PDF
260--265 R. Mannell Australian English And The Votrax Sc-O2 Chip. PDF
266--271 Margaret Grocke and Iain Macleod Use Of Synthetic Speech In Support Of Students With Special Needs PDF
272--277 P.J. Blamey, R.C. Dowell, A.M. Brown, P.M. Seligman and G.M. Clark A Formant-Estimating Speech Processor For Cochlear Implant Patients PDF
278--283 M. O'Kane, D. Mead, J. Newmarch, R. Byrne and R. Stanton The Dicma Project PDF

Speech Signal Processing Part II

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286--291 R. Linggard and E. Ambikairajah A Computational Model Of The Basilar Membrane PDF
292--297 R. Togneri, Y. Attikiouzel Fast, Stable Solution Of The Two-Dimensional Cochlear Model PDF
298--303 D. Nandagopal, D.A.H. Johnson, J.P.T. Koljonen Modified Pole-Zero Decompostion Of Speech PDF
304--309 M.A. Magdy and J.F. Chicharo A Modified Recursive Solution For The Linear Predictive Coding Of Speech PDF

Automatic Speech Recognition

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310--315 Michael Wagner Speech Recognition Experiments With The Syllable Inventory Of Standard Chinese PDF
316--321 Edmund M.-K. Lai & Y. Attikiouzel A Comparison Of Several Coarse Phonetic Classification Schemes Preliminary Results PDF
322--327 M. O'Kane and J. Gillis Efficient Derivation Of Formant-Like Information From Speech Waveforms PDF
328--333 D. Mead and M. O'Kane A Declarative Approach To Continuous Speech Recognition PDF
334--339 A.L. Harvey, H.J.N. Lee Use Of Speech Recognition Systems In Noisy Environments PDF

Speech Research Hardware And Software Part II

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342--349 J.E. Clark, C.D. Summerfield, R.H. Mannell A High Performance Digital Hardware Synthesiser PDF
348--353 C.D. Summerfield(*) A Review Of Vlsi Structures For The Implementation Of Formant Speech Synthesisers(1) PDF
354--359 C.D. Summerfield and J.E. Clark Implementation Of A High Performance Formant Speech Synthesiser(1) PDF
360--365 K. C. Zhou Implementation Of An Lsi Tune Generator Chip For Chinese Speech Synthesis PDF
366--371 B.J. Stone, D. Mead, and M. O'Kane Digital Audio Processor Interface PDF

Speech Disorders

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28--33 F.M. Bottell and J.E. Clark /R/ Misarticulation In Children'S Speech PDF
34--39 Megan D. Neilson and Peter D. Neilson Speech Motor Control And Stuttering: A Computational Model Of Adaptive Sensory-Motor Processing PDF
40--45 J. Ingram, B. Murdoch and H. Chenery Physiological, Acoustic And Perceptual Aspects Of Hypokinetic Dysarthria PDF
46--51 Janis L. van Doorn, Nicholas J. O'Dwyer, Peter D. Neilson Dysarthric Speech In Cerebral Palsy: A Hornet'S Nest Of Acoustic And Electromyographic Data PDF

Speech Perception

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54--59 P.J. Blamey and G.M. Clark A Model Of Auditory··Visual Speech Perception PDF
60--65 Louis C.W. Pols Psychophysics, Speech Perception, And Automatic Speech Recognition PDF
66--71 Phillip Dermody, Kerrie Mackie and Richard Katsch Initial Speech Sound Processing In Spoken Word Recognition PDF
72--77 U Thein-Tun Cue-Trading Relations For Initial Stop Voicing Contrast At Different Linguistic Levels PDF
78--83 P. Standen Abstrac And Literal Aspects Of Lexical Memory For Speech PDF

Speech Technology In Telecommunications

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86--91 R. A. Seidl A Perspective On Telecommunication Services With Relevance To Speech Processing PDF
92--97 R. Linggard Review Of British Telecom Speech Research: Objectives And Strategy, 1986. PDF
98--103 N. Duong An Experimental Study Of Residual Excited Linear Predictive Coder For Telecommunication Purposes PDF
104--109 R. A. Seidl Voice Response Techniques For Telecommunications Applications PDF

Speech Analysis

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112--117 Robert E. Bogner and Radin B. Ikram Yet More On Speech Splicing PDF
118--123 M.A. Jack, G. Duncan, A.M. Sutherland and J. Laver Signal Processing In Acoustic Phonetic Analysis Of Speech. PDF
124--129 J. R. Glass and V. W. Zue Signal Representation For Acoustic Segmentation PDF
130--135 Phil Rose The Normalisation Of Tone PDF
136--141 R.E.E. Robinson Longterm Spectrum Analyser PDF

Assessment Of Speech Technology Applications

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144--149 Kerrie Mackie, Phillip Dermody and Richard Katsch Assessing The Intelligibility, Quality And Encoding Speed Of Processed Speech PDF
150--155 P.C.Koob and J.E.Clark An Investigation Int0 The Formulation Of A Speech Intelligibility Test Using Item Difficulty Criteria PDF
156--161 Margaret Grocke, Iain Macleod and Bruce Millar The Intelligibility Of Synthetic Speech In An Australian Classroom PDF
162--167 K. C. Zhou Preliminary Evaluation Of A Chinese Text-To-Speech System PDF
168--173 P. F. Duke and J. S. Spicer The Assessment Of Isolated Word Speech Recognizers PDF

Speech Aids For The Disabled

Pages Authors Title PDF
176--181 M. Walsh, L. Westphal, M. Darveniza The Operation Of A Versatile Phoneme—Based Speech Aid Using A Special High Bandwidth Person-Aid Interface PDF

Speech Signal Processing Part I

Pages Authors Title PDF
184--189 M.J. Flaherty Algorithmic Issues Of Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation With Reference T0 Ccitt Recommendation G.721 PDF
190--195 A.N. Johnson and A.B. Bradley Adaptive Transform Coding Of Speech Incorporating Time Domain Aliasing Cancellation PDF
196--201 A. Maheswaran, R. E. Bogner A New Time-Scale Warping Algorithm For Single Dimensional And Multidimensional Speech Parameter Contours PDF

Speech Research Hardware And Software Part I

Pages Authors Title PDF
204--209 Michael Wagner and John Fulcher An Ibm-Pc Based Speech Research Workstation PDF
210--215 R.E.E. Robinson Data Acquisition Subsystem PDF
216--221 H.S.J.Purvis The Development Of A General Purpose Speech Editor PDF
222--227 J. M. Harrison, Y. C. Tong and P. M. Sorenson A Real-Time Laboratory Computer-Based Speech Processor For Cochlear Implant Research PDF