Objectives of ASSTA

The Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association (ASSTA) is a professional association for those working, or studying in an area of speech science and technology. The Association aims to provide significant exchange both between professional colleagues involved in speech science and technology research and practice, and also between this body of professionals and the community in general. The Association is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory as a non-profit association with specific objectives as below:

  1. to advance speech science and technology in academic institutions and in industrial and commercial organisations;
  2. to promote the research in and application of speech science and technology in accordance with an accepted code of ethics;
  3. to further the professional development of those engaged in speech science and technology;
  4. to provide a national and international forum for the discussion of issues related to speech science and technology;
  5. to inform academic institutions, industrial, commercial and Government organisations, and the general public on issues related to speech science and technology;
  6. to publish periodically or occasionally such materials which advance speech science and technology;
  7. to hold a biennial International conference on speech science and technology; and
  8. to further the liaison and cooperation with other organisations which have similar objectives.

Established 30 November 1988