Welcome to this December issue of the ASSTA Newsletter.  This will be my last as editor.  Next year Michael Tyler will be taking over the position, and I am sure he will bring new ideas and vigour to the publication.  By way of introduction, in this issue you will find a book review by Michael.
I will be continuing my involvement in ASSTA through the organisation of the next Speech Science and Technology Conference (see back page), watch this space for updates.
We also have a Ph.D. abstract from Thomas Stainsby. Dr. Stainsby is now persuing auditory research with Brian Moore at the University of Cambridge.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the editorial team, Marija and Johanna, and  David Grayden for making production of 
Australian Speech Science
and Technology Association
G.P.O. Box 143, Canberra 
City, A.C.T., 2601.
the Newsletter a pleasant experience. Also thanks to Roberto for his help and regular contributions.
Finally I would like to pay tribute to our outgoing President, Bruce Millar, for his energy and enthusiasm which has been an inspiration.
Chris James
December  2001
Vol. 19 No. 4