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August 24 - September 1

19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics- COLING2002
Location: Taipei, Taiwan.

September 17 - 22

7th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing: ICSLP 2002

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

November 30 - December 6

144th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, 3rd Iberoamerican Congress of Acoustics, 9th Mexican Congress on Acoustics
Location: Cancun, Mexico

August 3 - 9

15th International Conference of Phonetic Sciences
Location: Barcelona, Spain

September 1 - 4

8th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology- EUROSPEECH'2003
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

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tage of our association's commitment to the broad sweep of speech science and technology disciplines.
You will find elsewhere in this issue the announcement of our developing ASSTA Initiatives programme. We hope that this programme will grow in the coming years to reward initiatives by members that fulfil our objectives in terms of their study choices, of their determined completion of study in our field, of their exploration of new opportunities for collaboration with other members, and in further ways that are still being discussed. 
I have touched on some major issues for our Association in this quarter's column. While we are moving ahead with caution, we are also charting new territory and making significant and hopefully strategic advances at this time. It is certainly an exciting time for us with the prospect of so many of these advances being offered to us concurrently. I certainly trust that in them there will be something that will touch the professional lives of each of us in a beneficial way.