can include (a) seminars centred around a particular theme, (b) groundwork meetings for setting up new or strengthening existing research collaborations, (c) workshops on particular issues of note, new theories, procedures, approaches, etc.
The closing date for all three of these is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2001. So we urge you to get to it and start applying. Help us to transfer funds from us to you.
In addition to these three new initiatives, the new researcher awards (paying full travel and conference expenses) for the best projects presented at the biennial SST conference by a postgraduate student or someone up to 5 years out of their degree will continue to run. These will be available for the next SST, to be held in December, 2002. �

As a legacy of the ICSLP conference run by ASSTA in 1998 in Sydney, there are funds available to promote the ASSTA objectives by rewarding success on a competitive basis, and funding scientific events in speech science and technology.
Accordingly it is our great pleasure to announce the establishment of the
ASSTA Research Initiatives. The purpose of these is to promote research in speech science and technology in Australia. Details and application guidelines and forms can be found on the ASSTA website:

There are four types of ASSTA Research Initiatives:
1. Up to 4 awards of $500 annually for
beginning PhD students, who are supervised by an ASSTA member.
2. A $1,000 award for the
'PhD of the year' by a student who has been an ASSTA member for at least 2 years prior to obtaining the degree.
3. Funds for
"Research Events" conducted by ASSTA members. These

Corporate Members

ASSTA Corporate Members are listed in all ASSTA publications.  They are currently:

  • Appen Speech Technology
  • Cochlear Ltd
  • Motorola Australian Research Centre
  • Syrinx Speech Systems Pty Ltd
  • The CRC for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation