sources. Given the theme of the workshop it was not surprising that most of the papers had a fundamental research focus but were spread across several sub-disciplines. The Speech Group of the Institute of Acoustics, which is the UK equivalent of ASSTA, organised the workshop.  They also routinely organise many smaller day seminars around the country between their major meetings. If this had been their only meeting, it would have left out several

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In this issue, there are hot links to plenty of useful information sites relevant to speech science, speech technology, speech pathology and basic research in humans and machines.
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Many thanks to Bruce for providing a report on WISP, a multi-disciplinary workshop.  I think Bruce has opened up options for ASSTA in both of his reports and I would love to hear from other members about what they think. 
Chris James

"...most of the papers had a fundamental research focus but spread across several sub-disciplines..."

significant sectors of the research community which we in ASSTA always aim to include.
With only 24 other papers, it was a small event scientifically with a relatively large audience, but one in which there was clearly a "national atmosphere" of familiar colleagues who used this as a valuable time for networking and socialising. It was held in an old-fashioned but very comfortable hotel which, curiously,  boasted electric trouser presses in every room! Which worked very well I must admit!   …oh, yes, I did give a paper, jointly with my student, Dave Davies, on re-assessing temporal information in speech processing. As for spring, yes, the daffodils were in bloom!