J. Bruce Millar

the AGM that we survey our membership to understand better how you view the SST conference and what role you want it to fulfil. We will be considering the best way to do that shortly. It is certainly our intention to keep SST circulat

"SST-2000 was always going to be an important conference for ASSTA as it followed our Association's boldest adventure to-date..."

While some of us have been in the new millennium for over a year, it is good to know that we are all here together now! ASSTA starts 2001 with a number of important changes: we have 40% new blood on the executive, we are already acting on the first decision taken by the new executive - to initiate an "assta.org" internet domain, and we have an advanced plan for "ASSTA Initiatives" (as detailed at the AGM) whereby members may apply for ASSTA assistance in range of professional activities. I hope that these new developments will meet needs that are close to your professional aspirations. 
Whilst there may be others who will report on SST-2000, I would like to focus on that event a little as it was a clear statement that the spirit of ASSTA is alive and well in those members who attended. We would of course have liked to see more members at our biennial event but do recognise the inhibiting factors that many face. It was also suggested at

ing around the country so that all have the opportunity of a local national conference every few years.
SST-2000 was always going to be an important conference for ASSTA as it

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Corporate Members

ASSTA Corporate Members are listed in all ASSTA publications.  They are currently:

  • Appen Speech Technology
  • Cochlear Ltd
  • Motorola Australian Research Centre
  • Syrinx Speech Systems Pty Ltd
  • The CRC for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation