by Roberto Togneri

There are many international research groups, both academic, government and commercial, involved in speech science and technology. Here is a list of some of the more well-known research groups with very useful WWW pages describing current projects and research directions, access to published papers, and links to software tools and other resources:

Speech at CMU - Carnegie Mellon University
Center for Spoken Language Understanding, Oregon Graduate Institute.
Speech Technology and Research Laboratory, SRI.
Natural Language Program , SRI.
Spoken Language Systems, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.
Speech Communication Group, MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics.

Speech Interface Group - MIT Media Laboratory.
Speech Vision and Robotics Group, Cambridge University.
Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh.
Spoken Language Processing Group, LIMSI, France.

For a list of these and all WWW resources on speech science and technology known to me, please stop by my Spoken Language Systems page:

Have you come across any interesting URLs? Is there a classic book or  journal in your area of research? Are you aware of useful software or  speech data?  If so, please send your contribution to me at:
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And, of course, ASSTA's reference page: