In this issue we have a feature article by our most recent ASSTA New Researchers Award recipient, Jennie Elliott.  This is entitled "An unusual application of forensic phonetics".  Jennie's article illustrates the breadth of applications where speech science may be applied.  I look forward hearing from any other members who have a story to tell about their work.
Also we introduce two new ASSTA executive committee members: Steve Cassidy who joins the executive as Secretary, and Spike Barlow who joins as a member.  Both Steve and Spike and the rest of the committee will be active in the "web-ification" of ASSTA in the coming months.
Hearty thanks to our outgoing secretary Roberto for all is effort over the years, and in making life easier for a number of people involved in ASSTA activities.  He is a veritable mine of information about speech science and technology.  Roberto will continue the 
Australian Speech Science
and Technology Association
G.P.O. Box 143, Canberra 
City, A.C.T., 2601.
Newsletter "Speech Resources" column and his involvement with ASSTA  behind the scenes.  Also thanks to Julie Vonwiller who has been instrumental in many ASSTA initiatives over the years.
Contact myself, Johanna or Marija (details page 2) if you would like to express your views in the Newsletter -- about ASSTA in particular, or speech science and technology in general .
Chris James
March  2001
Vol. 19 No. 1