New Researcher Award: Guidelines


1. The ASSTA New Researcher Award is intended to foster high quality new researchers in speech science and technology.

2. The award will usually be made every two years to coincide with the SST conferences.


3. Eligibility criteria:

a) The applicant must be a Student member of ASSTA or an Ordinary member of ASSTA no more than two years beyond their highest degree and must be financial with their membership fees for at least 6 months at the time of application.

b) The applicant must be conducting research in Australia or New Zealand.


4. The application, which should consist of the COMPLETED paper and the new-researcher application form, to be submitted to the SST conference secretariat by the due date for conference abstracts. Applicants should check the conference publicity material for the address of the conference secretariat and the deadline date for abstracts.

5. The completed paper should follow the accompanying formatting and length guidelines which are the same as those usually provided to prospective presenters at the SST conferences.

6. Applicants may submit more than one paper. Each will be considered independently of the others as a separate entry. However no applicant may win more than one award.

7. Applicants should be either sole or first author of the paper. In the latter case, the majority of the paper is to be the work of the applicant.

8. Changes cannot be made to winning entries after they have been judged by the panel. Each entry, as judged by the panel, will be published in that form in the proceedings of the following SST conference.


9. The papers will first be considered by the SST conference technical committee. Once accepted for presentation at the conference, the applications will be passed on to an assessment panel appointed by the ASSTA executive.

10. The final decision to accept the application (as a valid application for the ASSTA New Researcher Award) rests with the assessment panel.

11. All applicants will be notified of the panel’s decisions by the ASSTA executive as early as possible but at the latest two weeks before the due date for early bird registration deadline.


12. Up to six awards may be made for any one conference. However, the assessment panel may recommend that no awards be made if it feels no applications of sufficiently high quality have been submitted.

13. All applicants will be eligible for all awards made in any year. No awards will be set aside for student only applicants or for particular research areas.

14. The award will consist of :

a) AU$750 grant

b) Cost of the conference dinner

c) A certificate to be presented at the conference dinner.

d) Mention on the ASSTA web site.

15. All decisions made by the assessment panel are final and no correspondence about those decisions will be entered into.