2012 Phonetic Analysis of Rhythm in Indigenous Languages

Workshop on the Phonetic Analysis of Rhythm in Indigenous Languages

1 Day Workshop

Organised by the the MAONZE team from Auckland/Waikato/Christchurch

 At the University of Auckland, 30th of November, 2012,

Guest Speaker: Amalia Arvaniti from UC SanDiego/University of Kent.


The intention of the workshop was to:

  •  Bring together experts on rhythm and prosody for less studied/indigenous languages.
  •  Provide a venue for students to learn more about the phonetic analysis of suprasegmental features of speech and provide an opportunity for students interested in doing post graduate work to learn about potential thesis topics.
  •  Provide an opportunity for interested scholars of Maori to talk to phonetic experts.

The schedule  and a summary of the papers presented will be found here.

Workshop presenters: (from the left) Margaret Maclagan, Catherine Watson, Laura Thomson, Amalia Arvaniti, Marija Tabain, Sasha Calhoun, Kevin Salisbury, Myf Turpin, Vica Papp, Jason Brown and Sam Mandal.

Peter Keegan giving the openning Mihi (greetings)

Amalia Arvaniti giving the keynote address.