The ASSTA Charter

The Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association (ASSTA) is a scientific association which aims to advance the understanding of speech science and its application to speech technology in a way that is appropriate for Australia and New Zealand. In order to fulfil these aims the Association seeks to provide significant exchange between those actively involved in speech science and technology research and practice, between this multidisciplinary body of professionals and the community in general as well as other national and international bodies having related aims. The Association regularly updates its constitution to reflect its evolving needs and is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory as a non-profit scientific association with specific objectives designed to promote its aims.

ASSTA Guidelines

ASSTA maintains a number of guidelines relating to its activities and consititution. Members should refer to these when carrying out any activities on behalf of the Association.

The ASSTA Executive

The Association is governed by an Executive which is elected by the members annually. The current executive comprises


Felicity Cox
Macquarie University


Debbie Loakes
University of Melbourne


Michael Tyler
Western Sydney University

Executive Member

Janet Fletcher
University of Melbourne

Executive Member

Sasha Calhoun
Victoria University of Wellington

Corporate Members of ASSTA

The Association is proud to be associated with its corporate members who sponsor our objectives through their membership and provide an opportunity for individual members to keep in touch with the application of our science and technology in the industrial and commercial world. Our current Corporate Members are: