ASSTA Research Event Awards

Application Form

Applications should not exceed 6 pages and must include:

  • Principal Applicant Details: title, name, contact details
  • Background (how this event came about, the history)
  • Implementation (how this event will be conducted: dates, venue, format, etc.)
  • Detailed Budget (how the money will be used, e.g. supporting a keynote address, setting up a workshop session, etc. and what other sources will be contribute to this, if any)
  • Proposed Outcomes (what is this event expected to accomplish? And the specific outcomes: publications, resource home page, follow-up events, etc.)
  • Benefits to ASSTA members (how will the event benefit ASSTA members, which ASSTA members will benefit the most or will all members benefit equally?)
  • Nominate up to 3 Independent Reviewers, preferrably ASSTA Ordinary members (reviewer name, email address, statement of reviewer expertise and that there is no conflict of interest).

Successful applicants will be required to write a final report.

Applicant Declaration (to be completed by applicant)

I declare that the information given on this application and all attachments provided are true and accurate records and statements and I authorise ASSTA to verify any facts. I understand that if any information is found to be false this application and/or any subsequent awards may be cancelled.



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